Word mentor in de introductieweek!

Did you enjoy your Introduction Week? Do you want to experience it all over again? Do you have it in you to guide new students and make sure they have an unforgettable first week in Nijmegen? Become a mentor during the Introduction Week of 2020, from 16-22 August!

If you would like to become a mentor, you will need to form a group of at least four and at most six interested students. To give us a good idea of the people in your group, we ask that you write us a fun, original and enthusiastic motivation letter to tell us why all of you would be good mentors. You can submit your letter by emailing it to intropsy@student.ru.nl before 23:59h on April 23rd.

What has to be included in the letter?
– Who you are (names, student numbers, birthdates, gender, tracks & year of study, e-mail addresses, who of you has a room in Nijmegen and who masters English).
– Who will be the primary and secondary contact persons in your group (they will get some more responsibilities).
– What your group preference is (Dutch group, international group or no preference)*.
– We would of course like to see a nice photo of your group so we can get to know your faces! (If you don’t have a group photo and are unable to make one due to the Coronavirus, we challenge you to be creative and show us who you are in your own way!)
– In about 200 words describe how your group would deal with the following case:
”The Introduction Week has been going on for a few days and you as mentors start noticing that quite a big portion of your group is constantly late at the activities. You notice that this brings along difficulties, because you need to communicate with everyone separately about where you are and, in addition, it causes the motivation of the group decrease. How would you as mentors handle this problem? ”

Your letter can have a length of maximum one and a half a4, including the solution for the case.

*We cannot make any promises of what group you will get, as we have no way of predicting the number of registrants. Naturally, we will provide you with more information about your final group once we know more. This will most likely be during the summer holidays.

Als je vragen hebt stuur dan een mailtje naar intropsy@student.ru.nl!