SPiN´s 2022 Skitrip: From zero to hero

After an involuntary two-year’s abstinence we’re finally back and delighted to invite you to the best trip that your favorite study association has to offer:

SPiN’s 2022 skitrip: From Zer0 to Hero.

On March, 4 we’ll embark on a 10-day journey into the French Alps, specifically the 2nd largest ski resort in the world: La Plagne (Paradiski). La Plagne is a great resort for both beginners as well as advanced skiers who are looking to make a whole lot of kilometers.
Enough of the chit-chat. For €549 you’ll get all of the following:
• Ski Pass LaPlagne with up to 420 kilometers of pistes
• 5 star bus trip
• Comfortable accommodation (with dishwashers 😉)
• Your very own Zero to Hero Skitrip Hoodie
• As much Après-ski as you could possibly want
• Goodies, Goodies, Goodies
• Free Baguettes, delivered to your doorstep every morning
• Incredible Themeparties
• Heroic company. Seriously: Wintersport peeps are just very chill.
• Never-vanishing memories

In the unlikely case that this doesn’t convince you right away, take a look at these FAQ’s that will hopefully change your mind 😊.

What if Covid comes back?’
If France or the Netherlands were to turn orange, we will have the opportunity to cancel our trip and get full refunds.

But I can’t ski or snowboard?’
There’s a reason we themed this year’s trip ‘Zero to Hero’. We always have multiple people coming along who cannot ski (yet). You will have the option to book lessons from hot, French ski instructors or get taught the basics by one of our experienced skiers. The latter is obviously the most affordable, but possibly less exciting option.
Experience teaches that almost everyone who had never skied before thoroughly enjoyed our ski trips – and in the very unlikely case that it’s ‘just not your thing’, we can guarantee you that you’ll still get your money’s worth from all the après-ski.

But…€549 is a lot of money!!’
It most definitely is. However: you’ve earned yourself a good trip after two years of none or very little vacation.
ALSO: You won’t have to pay it all at once. When signing up, you’ll only be required to pay a deposit of €150. The remaining amount will be withdrawn early 2022.
We’ll make sure that every single one of your hard-earned (or lent) Pennies will be worth it. Promise.

‘How does a SPiN skitrip look like?’
Impression from 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOZEEIBB0xU

Alright, I’m convinced – now where do I sign up?
Glad you asked. Sign-ups will open on November, 25 at 11 am. Make sure you sign up on the first day as there’s only 30 spots available. Ski trips from recent years were all fully sold-out. You’ll have to physically come to the SPiN-room to sign some papers.

We can’t wait to meet you all and adequately compensate for those two years of lost skitrips <3.