Praktijk- en infocommissie

Hi everyone,  

My name is Jobke Sterk or as some of you know me, the-sambuca-lover. Sambuca and I have a troubled relationship because we are way too similar. We cannot go with or without each other. We both have a strong personality but when you can appreciate us, you will find us sweet as well. Not only can we give you warmth and comfort when you need it, we can also be the push you need to dance your ass off standing on the table. We will guarantee a pleasant night, but we make no such promises for the morning. I am looking forward to putting all these qualities into practice within the Workfield and Future Committee as the vice chair.  

Helloo, my name is Sanne Faassen and just like tequila, I come with something salty and fruity. My sarcastic and sharp personality make me very salty. However there is also something happy, cheerful and fruity in me to compensate for this; the perfect mix 😉 . Of course tequila is a strong drink, which helps me regarding the strong leadership necessary for this committee, as I am the chair of the committtee that should ofcourse streamline its wild members. I am looking forward to the wild excursions that we will organize!  

When life gives you lemons, you make…. limoncello! Hi, I am Merel and just like Limoncello I can either be very sweet and for some a little hard to handle. Making limoncello out of lemons describes my optimistic vision, to see the positive things in every situation. We both fit well with good food and deep conversations. The taste of lemons is also instantly recogizable, as I tend to be direct and straightforward and give you a little headache sometimes. But I’m also there to make you feel comfortable, boost your self-esteem and friendly remind you to be in the moment. Limoncello and I are a match made in heaven, since it is a very versatile drink which fits my function as general member perfectly. 

Hey everyone! My name is Floor Roerdink and just like Jäger, I have spent some years in Germany and this experience may have turned me a little bitter. However, now that I’m back in the Netherlands I am always down to have some fun. I also love to get people to join the fun. So now, as the promotion officer for the Workfield and Future committee, I can put this into action. So I’d love to see all of you at the next activity! 

Hii, my name is Juul Neve and I match well with the well-known flügel. Like flügel, I am sweet to almost everyone. But remember that flügel is not lemonade! If you take too much of it you may go crazy. Because so many shots are consumed, I keep an eye on all expenses, which fits perfectly with my function as treasurer. Just like the habit of putting the yellow cap of the flügel on your nose, I will make sure to keep track of the committee’s finances. I am looking forward to organizing some exciting excursions! 

Hey guys, my name is Marije and just like vodka I can come across quite strong but once you get to know me I can be very nice and can make you feel warm inside! As I’m the secretary of the Workfield this strength helps me to push through all the long typing sessions and my nice side allows me to have fun with my fellow committee members 🙂 


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