XIth board of Study association Psychology in Nijmegen

Every year in October, the members of the SPiN board pass the torch to new student members. These students are distributed over five functions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Internal Affairs Officer and Academic Relations Officer. They commit themselves to SPiN and its members for one year and become part of the association’s daily management.

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Dear reader,

My name is Amber Timmerman, I am 21 years young but still the oldest board member. I grew up in Maartensdijk, a small village next to Utrecht. Since my first year of psychology however, I have been living in the beautiful city of Nijmegen. I live with my two housemates and our cute cat in a student house.

I am currently in my 4th year of the bachelor. I must take two more courses and then I can finally say that I have obtained my Bachelor of Science. Because of this, I have relatively much free time on my hands. This means I can fully focus myself on my wonderful role as chair at SPiN. Besides studying, I like to hang out with my friends and family. You can also often find me in the city for a dance and a beer.

The last three years, I have been an active member of SPiN. In my first year I was a member in the magazine committee. In my second year I helped organize the city trip to Milan, and last year I was the chairwoman of the almanac committee. However, my love for SPiN is so big that I also wanted to do a board year. I’m really looking forward to this adventurous year together with the rest of my board members and the members of SPiN!

If you need a cup of coffee or tea, a good conversation, or if you have any questions or comments I’m your girl! Do not hesitate to contact me or email me at chair@spin-nijmegen.com.

Amber Timmerman


Dear reader,

I am Julia Bultink, almost 21 years old, in my third year and I will be the secretary in this women’s board. Originally I come from Gendringen, a small town located in the beautiful Achterhoek. Nevertheless, I have chosen to live and study in Nijmegen. Something I have never regretted! In my spare time I like to meet up with friends or to sport with them.

In my first year I became an active member of the association. For the past two years, yes two, I have been the secretary of the Workshop & Conference committee. Together with the other committee members, we organized informative workshops and two very nice and interesting conferences. Especially the last conference on drugs and addiction was a great success! After being actively involved for two years, I was ready for a new and different challenge, as a result of which I applied for the board. As secretary, I will be responsible for keeping track of the mail, website, newsletter and much more. In addition, I will also supervise three committees.

I’m really looking forward to this year together with my other board members, but also with you! If you have any questions, comments or ideas, or just want to have a chat? Then come to the SPiN room or send an email to secretary@spin-nijmegen.com.

Julia Bultink


Dear reader,

I am Ellen van Duinhoven, I am twenty years old and currently I am in my third year. I was born and raised in the most beautiful city of all: Nijmegen!

In my first year I immediately became an active member at SPiN and I joined the integration committee as the treasurer. Last year, I became the chair of the sociocultural committee and now I have taken one step further by becoming the treasurer of the board. This means that I am in charge of the finances of the association. I am also in charge of the three, soon to be six, fish swimming in the big new aquarium in SPiN’s common room, as I am the Fish Officer. If I’m not taking care of the financials or fish of SPiN, I enjoy playing board games with friends, watching series and singing.

I am looking forward to make next year an amazing year, together with my fellow board members and off course all of the members! I would like to get to know you all, so come and drink some coffee or tea at the SPiN common room and have a chat with me, or send me an e-mail at treasurer@spin-nijmegen.com.

Ellen van Duinhoven

Internal Affairs Officer

Dear reader,

My name is Chinouq Claessens and I will fulfill the position of Internal Affairs Officer in the XIth board of SPiN this year. I am 20 years old (almost 21 woehoeee) and I am originally from Venray. This is a small town in Limburg. You can also say for certain that I am a true, Carnival- celebrating Limburger. After studying for two months, I left Limburg behind for the beautiful city of Nijmegen, where I live in an apartment together with very nice roommates. I love to party, do some drinks, eat together or just chill out with friends. I wish I could add sports in this list, but unfortunately I need a lot of discipline to do this.

At the moment I am in the third bachelor year of the study Psychology. However, I notice little of this at this moment. Last year I was secretary at the Party Committee of SPiN. I experienced this as very nice and I wanted to do some more within the association. I experience SPiN as an association where conviviality, connectedness and development are paramount and I hope to experience a lot of this and to contribute to it, this year!

Dear dear readers, I have a lot of fun to meet you, and get to know all of you! You can always contact me! Visit SPiN’s common room, reach out to me in the hallway or send an email to internal@spin-nijmegen.com. In any case, I’m really looking forward to this year and I hope you will too!

With love,

Chinouq Claessens

Academic Relations Officer

Dear reader,

My name is Anne Brand and I am 21 years young. I am born and raised in Rijsbergen, a small village next to Breda, and  living in Nijmegen for two years now. I am in the third year of the bachelor Psychology and I am enjoying the life as a student to the fullest! In my free time I like to go out and eat with friends or enjoy some drinks in the pub. I play the piano, and write some words on paper that If I’m lucky also rhyme.

Since my first year, I am an active member at SPiN. After joining the Party committee, I choose the Festivities committee and enjoyed both years a lot. For me SPiN represents new friendships, nice parties and intresting activies. It is an honor that I, together with my other 4 boardmembers, will lead the organisation of this incredible association this year. I will fulfill the function of Academic Relation Officer in the XIth board of SPiN. I will be responsible for the communication with the university and I will dedicate myself to the interests of psychology students. You can always come to me if you have complaints, suggestions or compliments about studyrelated matters!

I am really excited to be a boardmember of SPiN and I am looking forward to get to know our members! You can always join us in SPiN’s common room for a cup of tea, coffee, some chitchat or a good conversation. If I’m not present at the common room, you can always mail to academic@spin-nijmegen.com!

With Love,

Anne Brand