XIIth board of Study association Psychology in Nijmegen

Every year in October, the members of the SPiN board pass the torch to new student members. These students are distributed over six functions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Internal Affairs Officer, Academic Relations Officer and External Affairs Officer. They commit themselves to SPiN and its members for one year and become part of the association’s daily management.

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Dear reader, 

I am Mémé Satter and this year, with honor, I am the chair of our beautiful association. I am twenty years old and I grew up in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where I have a nice dog named Keesie. I have lived in Nijmegen for two years now and I really like it here! I’m a third-year student, but this will not have priority this year. 

When I started studying, I became an active member at SPiN. First, I was part of the Party and Drinks committee and last year I was part of the SocialCie. I really liked organising activities for the members and I wanted to contribute to SPiN in a bigger way and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to do a board year. As chair I will, among other things, keep the overview of our board and the association and I will supervise three amazing committees. Next to my busy board life I love to spend time with my friends and family and I’m always in for a drink and a party. Furthermore, I’m a big fan of Theo Maassen and I like listening to singer-songwriter music. I’ve played field hockey my whole life and I’m part of a fun and competitive team! 

I’m really looking forward to this year, full of fun activities, great trips and lots of fun! Together with my fun and sweet fellow board members and our amazing members I hope we can make it a great year! If you feel like having a nice chat, a more serious conversation, or playing a fun game, don’t hesitate to come to me because I’m always up for that. Also, for questions or remarks you can always come to me or send an e-mail to chair@spin-nijmegen.com.


Mémé Satter

Board Blog Mémé


Dear reader,

I am Gwendolyn Hermans, with my 19 years I am the youngest of the board, and I am a second-year student. This year I will have the beautiful function of secretary. I am from Naarden, the most beautiful winter city in Europe. If you want to hear a nice Dutch song about this city, you should come by SPiN’s common room when I have room duty! A two-hour train ride every day to university was a bit much for me, so I chose to live in Nijmegen immediately and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Last year, I was in three committees, including one at SPiN. As a general member, I enjoyed organizing various activities with my fellow committee members in the freshmen committee. I was soon to discover that I wanted to go further in this beautiful association. After attending almost all activities last year I came to the solution: I wanted to become a board member! On the study trip to Singapore, in the middle of the night, I wrote my application letter and now I am proud to say that I am the secretary of the XIIth board of SPiN! In this function, I will be mostly behind the scene, in charge of the communication of the association. I will be responsible for the mail, the website, the application and the newsletter.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year with a lot of fun activities, where I hope to meet you all. If you want to have contact sooner send me an email to secretary@spin-nijmegen.com


Gwendolyn Hermans

Board Blog Gwendolyn


Dear reader,

I am Louis Papstein and I will be the treasurer this year. I was born 21 years ago in the lovely city of Cologne. There I also spent my first 18 years of life, until I moved to the equally lovely city of Nijmegen to study Psychology here. I like to spend my free time with playing field hockey for Apeliotes as well as watching the NBA and Formula 1. Lastly, I am also always open for a round of chess when I find someone who is interested.

Currently, I am in my third year of my bachelor. Since my first year, I have been involved with SPiN, first in the Festivities committee and then in the Sports committee. In the board this year, I will try my best to keep SPiN as welcoming and fun as I experienced it the past years.

If you want to know more about me or challenge me to a round of chess you can always reach me at treasurer@spin-nijmegen.com.


Louis Papstein

Board Blog Louis

Internal Affairs Officer

Dear readers,

My name is Sophie Willems and with my 21 years, I am, even though you wouldn’t say it, the oldest one in our board. Originally, I am from Schijndel (and yes, that is from New Kids, I know). About three years ago I moved to the beautiful city of Nijmegen and I love it here!

At the moment, I am in the third year of my bachelor psychology. In my first year, I became an active member when I joined the Party and Drinks committee. I liked this so much I decided to do it again the year after. This year, I will start with the big challenge of being a board member of SPiN! I will be the Internal Affairs Officer, and this means I will supervise most of the committees and try my best to set up great activities with all the committee members. Next to this, I will be the Commissioner Fish and I will make sure that all the fish are happy and healthy.

In my spare time, I like to drink a beer and chill with my friends. Next to that, I love to go to Drum and Bass parties where I dance until the sun comes up. I also have a weakness for pictures of ugly dogs, which I can look at for hours on Instagram.

I am really excited for this year! If you have any questions or want to play a game, please come by SPiN’s common room! You can always send me an e-mail to internal@spin-nijmegen.com.


Sophie Willems

Board Blog Sophie

Academic Relations Officer

Dear reader,

I am Rona van der Dussen, and I am very happy you scrolled all the way down here. As an Academic Officer, I will stay in contact with the university and make sure your voices are heard for the coming year. If you ever send e-mails about your study books, you’re mailing with me. If you want to take our communication to the next level, I’d love to welcome you in SPiN’s common room. Since I grew up in Nuland, a small village near -s ‘Hertogenbosch in Noord-Brabant, I’ll always try to spread my ‘Brabantse Gezelligheid’. The few hours a week I don’t spend in SPiN’s common room, you can find me watching vines, playing ukelele or singing and dancing. If it’s not dancing with my Showdance team at  S.D.V.N. Dance Fever, it’s probably in the street, in the supermarket or on a random dancefloor of the Nijmegen nightlife.

Currently, I’m in my 4th year of the Psychology Bachelor, or as I like to call it: my bonus year. I’ve earned all the needed ECTS already, but because I can’t get enough of this wonderful study (and of SPiN) I will take some extra courses. 

I hope to see you all at one of our activities or in SPiN’s common room. In both situations, we can share a dance. Or if you have any questions you can send me an e-mail on academic@spin-nijmegen.com.


Rona van der Dussen

Board Blog Rona

External Affairs Officer

Dear reader,

Last but not least, it is my turn to introduce myself. I am Kirsten de Wit and next year I will be the External Affairs Officer. This means that I have contact with the bars and other external parties. Not only am I a board member, but I am also a member of the acquisition committee. With this committee, we will try to arrange sponsorship money and goodie bags for some activities.

Enough about my function, now something about myself. I am 20 years old and a third-year student. I am from Valkenswaard, a village below Eindhoven. With other words a real Brabander, recognisable by my accent. In my free time, I like to go to drift and other parties. Also, I have played soccer for a long time, but due to my board year, I don’t have much time for this anymore.

In my first year, I was not an active member (a shame, I know), but in my second year, I was part of the ski committee, with whom we had an awesome ski trip! Luckily, in my board year, I supervise this committee. Also, I get to supervise the initiative committee.  

If you want to know other things or just want to have a chat, you can come to the SPiN common room for a cup of coffee or thee, or you can send an e-mail to external@spin-nijmegen.com.


Kirsten de Wit

Board Blog Kirsten