Workshop and Conference committee

We are this year’s Workshop & Conference committee. We’re a group of 6 girls and we’re all very excited to organize three workshops within the three domains of psychology (B&C, B&E and D&H). Besides that, we will organize a very interesting psychology conference from which we hope you can learn a lot. We will shortly introduce ourselves below so you can get to know us a little bit!

Hi, my name is Myrthe. This year, I am the chair of the workshop and conference committee. When not studying, I like to play tennis, meet with friends or watch series like Temptation island or Ex on the beach. I’m in the third year of the bachelor and have been in multiple committees, which I really liked, so I’m looking forward to this committee year!

Hi! My name is Dagne and I am the vice-chair of this committee. I am a first-year student from Lithuania. I like dancing and cooking and organizing events. I hope to see you soon in one of our workshops

Hi, my name is Tessa and I will fulfil the function of secretary for our committee this year! This is my first year as a psychology student and active SPiN-member. Next to the study, I have a lot of things I like to do, I enjoy listening to and playing music and I like playing soccer with my beloved team back in my hometown. I also like photographing to capture moments with my family and friends and I love meeting new people. This is why I hope to get to know some of you during one of our activities this year!

Hi everyone! I’m Jet and this year, I am the treasurer of this committee. This means I’ll do the finances for the organization of our awesome and educational trainings and conference. I’m a first-year student and I hope to get to know some people at SPiN. During my free time, I listen to music a lot, especially to ABBA, my favourite band and I do things with my friends and housemates. See you at the workshops 🙂

Hi guys! My name is Irene I am the committee’s Promotion Officer this year. This means that I write the promotion texts for the Facebook events and I keep in touch with the illustration committee about designing posters and stud for the activities. This is my first year as an active SPiN-member, even though I’m in the third year of the bachelor already. I love to dance and I love music a lot, also a lot of different music styles. Besides that, I really like to be among the people. I’m very glad I decided to become a committee member this year and I got very lucky with this fun group of girls. I hope to welcome you all soon at one of our fun and educational activities!

Hi, I am Miriam and I am a general member of the committee this year. This means that I help the other committee members with their tasks when necessary. I am in my first year of my bachelor, so this is also my first year as an active member of SPiN. I love travelling, scuba diving, windsurfing and I also regularly use Netflix :). I am looking forward to organizing educational and fun activities with this great committee! I hope to see as many of you as possible at one of our activities!


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