Workshop and Conference committee


We are Liz, Floor, Skip, Mats and Mira from the workshop and conference committee. We will organize the workshops and the conference this year.  

 We’ll start with introducing our secretary Floor. Floor is a first-year student and is from Hooge Mierde. Beer and tits is a common catchphrase you can hear her hollering at night in the city. Just last week Floor was, for the fourth time, doubting whether she wanted to leave the committee due to a fight with Liz and Mira about who was the most prettiest. She fortunately stayed exclaiming: “without me the congress will probably fail”.  

Liz is a second-year student, just as the rest of the members of this committee. Volleyball is a hobby of Liz, likewise is providing a motherly figure for Skip and Mats. Together with her lovely beautiful amazing boyfriend she takes care that all university assignments are handed in on time. Talking about the boyfriend, everyone is envious of her for having him. Liz unfortunately stubbornly confirms that ‘she doesn’t like sharing’. 

Then, there is Mats. Mats is our promotion officer, so he’ll be responsible for all our stalking on social media. However, this isn’t the only way Mats gets his stalking done. He spends his free hours swiping through the internet to find girls he likes, and once he does, he just can’t let them go. His ‘job’ at the Kindertelefoon is just another way of spending his time constantly calling and stalking these poor women. This year he will try to shift his focus from boobs to workshops and the conference. His committee will try their best to beat his nasty obsession with women and his addiction to stalk. 

Our treasurer is Skip. Skip played football at the rivals Vitesse and NEC. Due to a knee injury he has to revalidate the rest of the season. The more time is left for attending AA-meetings for his disastrous alcohol dependency. He spends most of his days in his small apartment with another roommate, which name will be left out due to privacy issues, drinking buckets of vodka. With this commission he is trying to better his life. 

Mira is the only foreigner in the committee. Fluent in English, Dutch (according to her) and German. Austria is the country where her parents conceived her. She is 22 years old, and thereby the oldest in the group. This however does not mean she is necessarily the most grown up, evident from her remark that she will “stab a bitch”, even though she just returned from a ‘relaxing’ vacation with her ‘friends’ from university.