Workfield and Future committee 

As the Workfield and Future Committee we organize the most interesting excursions to different instancies and host a masterevening. We host these excursions and masterevening to help you orient for your future and make the big choice of what to do after your bachelor a bit easier!

Hii! My name is Anouk, and if I were a psychological workfield, I would be that of child and adolescent psychology. This is because I am a true mom friend! My bag is filled with some extra napkins, snacks and mints at all times, and I’m always here to lend a listening ear. If I am not giving good advice that I myself never follow, I enjoy a warm cup of tea or a nicely filled glass of wine, preferably with my friends or while watching a Disney movie that I have already seen about 20 times (Tangled gets you every time, right?). I’m very excited to organise many fun and informative excursions as the chair of the Workfield & Future committee this year, hope to see you there!

Hi! I’m Gies and I fulfil the function of vice-chair in the Workfield and Future committee. If I were to describe myself by use of a psychological profession, I’d have to say I am a researcher (detective-style). Not only because I love Sherlock, but more so because I think of myself as an open-minded person who doesn’t shy away from problems and likes to make sense of the world around them. However, the biggest resemblance would be caring for people and making sure they’re safe. Especially in this period of time! Some other things I enjoy are music, painting, finding myself losing track of time when I’m with my friends and hearing the rain come down whilst I’m nice and cosy.

Hi there! My name is Devin and I am the secretary of the Workfield & Future committee this year. If I would have to compare myself to a psychological occupation, I would probably be a positive psychologist (winter depression excluded). Positive psychology is described as the study of what makes life worth living (wine, obviously), the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to thrive. I myself am a very enthusiastic student that is always in the mood for doing something fun. Being surrounded by others and enjoying spontaneous (corona-proof) activities together is what makes me thrive. Other things that I enjoy are salted popcorn, multiple gin tonics, old rock music, sunny weather, dancing till I drop and helping others (I am a psychology student after all ).

Hi, I’m Marieke and I am the treasurer of this committee. If I were a psychological professional, I would be a clinical psychologist because I really like to help other people. With patience and a listening ear, I’ll be there for you, even when the rain starts to pour. What would be my favourite series? Besides watching Netflix and see other people act, I like to play theatre myself. Some other things I enjoy are listenening to good music on my record player, dancing to guilty pleasures, sunny weather, chocolate and painting. I hope to organise some fun activities for you this year!

Hi 🙂 My name is Floor and I am the promotion officer of the workfield and future committee. If I  were to introduce myself as a psychological profession I would be a clinical psychologist because I am a good listener. If you ever have any problem I am always in for a good conversation and would love to listen to your problems and offer my advice. Besides listening I really enjoy working out, solve riddles and keep busy with creative projects. I am looking forward to organising some fun activities for you guys this year.

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