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Workfield and Future committee 

As the Workfield and Future Committee we organize the most interesting excursions to different instancies and host a masterevening. We host these excursions and masterevening to help you orient for your future and make the big choice of what to do after your bachelor a bit easier!

Hi, I’m Mirjam and I’m the vice-chair and secretary of this committee. In my free time I like to watch my lectures back and take hella notes, which is my passion as a secretary.

Hi, I’m Noor and I’m the chair of this committee. My personal life and my life as the chair are totally opposite to each other. In my committee free time I am as chaotic, not organized or planned at all, but when I am living the chair life this immediately changes into the most organized person in the world.

Hi! I’m Jil, I am the promotion officer of this committee. I love to hang out with friends, doing all sorts of things. But after an exhausting day of exploring I also enjoy watching scrubs for the 100th time (which by the way is the best show ever made and if you don’t know it I am hereby strongly promoting it to you, you know as the promotion officer).

Hi, I’m Mira. I’m the treasurer of this committee. I am just great with numbers (the reason I had to resit statistics…), so I thought this would be a freat idea to learn some more. When I’m not over my head in notes and summaries from studying, I like to bake and watch the 1.000 rerun of friends. Preferable with some friends. 😀

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Contact: future@spin-nijmegen.com