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Winter Sport committee

“Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical, the mountains are calling, and I must go” 

Hello, sweet and sexy SPiN-members,  

Same as always, we proudly present you the movers and shakers behind the greatest SPiN activity of the year: The one and only Wintersport committee. Besides arranging everything, our most important goal is to create a life-time adventure every enthusiastic member of this journey will never forget.  

Jelle is our judicious chair whose main job it is to keep everything running. His probably most difficult part is to deal with the stubborn heads within the committee from time to time but luckily, he has great patience with us and manages to hold the overview.  

Lena is our supportive secretary. Without her, chaos would reign within the committee as we all are a bit forgetful with our tasks sometimes as we also have to handle a daily student routine besides our work for SPiN as well. Due to her minutes which are luckily always read by everyone, all committee members always know what they must do and how the current situation is. 

Michiel is our thrifty treasurer, who’s main task it is to save our carefree committee from bankruptcy. He is doing an excellent job as we would be more impoverished than Greece in 2015 without him.  

Eva is our perky and very professional promotion officer. Without her, y’all would never have heard about this priceless adventure we are offering for everybody who is willing to have the best time of their life.  

Kim is supporting the committee through her clever and cautious ideas. Her positive energy and clear mind are an indispensable gift for all of us. She is saying what she thinks and does what must be done. 

Joey helps the committee through unshakeable patience with evil computer programmes such photoshop which makes life hard sometimes. Additionally, his broad experience with former trips prevents us from crashing into ruin with ideas which are not as well thought-out as some of the amateurish members of the committee think they are.  


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