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Below you see a list with tutors and the courses they teach in. If you click on the student number of a tutor, you can see the name of the tutor and the courses they teach in. By clicking ‘become s123456’s student’ you can send a request to receive tutoring. The tutor can accept or decline your request for tutoring. You will receive an email about this. As soon as the tutor has accepted your request, you two are linked as tutor and tutoring receiver. You agree together when, where and how long your tutor class will be and which subjects you want to discuss.
SPiN has certain terms and conditions for tutoring and receiving tutoring, such as agreements about compensation. To secure these agreements and make sure everybody knows what to expect, a small contract will be signed as soon as the tutor and tutoring receiver are linked. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions in advance or about anything else, you can send an email to academic@spin-nijmegen.com.

Receiving tutoring is of course not possible without tutors! Do you think it would be something for you, fill in the contact form below to indicate which courses you would like to tutor in and what grades you received for these courses (a condition is you received an 8 or higher for these courses). You will be invited to a short motivation conversation, in which further information will be provided. Your name will be added to the list below, after which students can send you a request for tutoring. You agree with this student when, where and how long you will be tutoring and which subjects you will discuss.

Dutch Language Course: