Shadow days with alumni:
Alumni are former SPiN members who want to stay in touch with the association, with each other and with you! Most of them are active in the real professional field and often already have quite a bit of practical experience. They can help us as Bachelor’s students by answering questions about the professional field and showing us how things work in certain areas. The alumni on the list are open to contact and/or shadow days. If you are interested, send an e-mail to and they will help you with the next steps.

Lab days:
In addition to the Master’s programme in Psychology with its specialisations in Behavioural Change, Work, Organisation and Health and Healthcare Psychology, Radboud University also offers two-year, English-taught Research Master’s degrees that may interest psychology students: the Research Master’s in Cognitive Neurosciences at the Donders Institute ( and the Research Master’s in Behavioural Science at the Behavioural Science Institute ( If you are interested in a future career in psychological research, SPiN can also offer you the chance to join a lab day at one of these two institutes as part of your professional field (and Master’s) orientation. There you can shadow a researcher for a day to learn more about his or her everyday work experience. As a SPiN member, you can log in for more information under the subheadings for BSI and Donders, or send an e-mail to


Brain research has become ‘big business’.

Scientists from all kinds of disciplines are combining their knowledge and skills to unravel the workings of our billions of brain cells. At Radboud University’s Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, more than 500 scientists are currently conducting research on cognitive functions, such as observation, movement, language, memory and attention. At you can find the following four large research domains:

  • Language and Communication
  • Perception, Action and Control
  • Plasticity and Memory
  • Brain Networks and Neuronal Communication

Under each of these headings is a list of the many research groups who are currently working on a specific theme. If you would like to do a lab day at the Donders Institute, put together a Top 3 of the current research groups that interest you most, add a brief note explaining your motivation for each of your three choices (in English!) and e-mail it to the programme coordinator for the Research Master’s CNS (Dr Arno Koning; He will try to link you to someone from your list of research groups. Do not contact the researchers yourself!


Our behaviour is driven by many factors: our genes, upbringing and environment. Are you fascinated by the physical, mental and social processes that govern human behaviour? And by how you can perhaps influence that behaviour, for example, through interventions in health care, employment and education? The Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) investigates these and many other questions.

You can contact Wendy de Graaf, the course coordinator for the Research Master’s in Behavioural Science ( to learn more about this. She can link you to researchers at the BSI and/or to students who are currently doing this degree programme and will let you shadow them for a day during their classes and research activities. It is good to add a brief note explaining which aspects of the behavioural sciences interest you most and why.