Study Trip committee

Hi there! We are the study trip committee of 2019-2020! Beginning at the top left of the picture, we have Dennis, Bea and Noah and at the bottom we have Femke, David and Gert-Jan. The picture was taking at ‘De Drie Gezusters’ during our favorite daily activity: drinking! Unfortunately Femke wasn’t with us at the time we took the picture, so we edited her in the picture but the editing is sooo good you don’t even see it😉. We are the ones who organize the best study trip SPiN is ever been on. We want you guys to come along on the trip because we have been working hard for putting this trip together to give you guys the opportunity to see a great place, to get some educational knowledge and to get totally wasted with us! The 9th of December we have the reveal drink, we hope to see you there. We are very excited to tell you guys where we go to and we hope you will come along! And also, block the 24th of April till the 3rd of may in your agendas, so you can join us at the best trip ever!!!!!


The studytrip committee