Study Trip Committee


Dear traveller,

Would you like to go with us to the fantastic hills in southern Limburg, take the pancake boat to the Wadden Islands or go tandem riding in the Veluwe? NO! And that’s why you’re coming with us!

We are the study tour committee of 2022-2023! We are a fun, enthusiastic and vibrant committee that loves lots of craziness and wild adventures 😉 This trip will of course be very varied. From local shots to getting some (culture) in a museum, this trip has it all!

We would love to see you there!

Adventurous greetings,

Charlotte (Chair):

Marijn (General member):


Elin (General member):


Keelie (Promotion officer):


Inge (Treasurer):


Tessa (Secretary):


Noa (Vice chair):

en onze goeroe Freek Vonk: