Study Trip Committee

Hi, we are this year’s study trip committee, so it’s up to us to organize a trip of ten unforgettable days. We’re looking forward to make something beautiful out of it together!

We will introduce ourselves with a few very useful facts. Our chair, Lieke, loves fristi and often remembers nothing after a shot of tequila. Bea is our treasurer and her favorite breakfast is siracha noodles with egg. Karlijn, the secretary, is missing two adult front teeth and hates to ring a bell. Kim is called Kim Impossible at home because she is so clumsy and is addicted to surimi sticks. Nina is the vicechair and her favorite animal is a blue whale. And finally we have Noah, he is the promotion officer of the study trip committee this year.

You probably found out exactly nothing about us, but well, then you should come along on the study trip! 😉


The Studytrip Committee