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Sports committee

Hello Everyone, 


Kira Hornbostel: Our Serena Williams of the committee. Like Serena, Kira is in her position as chair, at the very top. After a 6-year break, she recently started tennis again and nothing has been lost in her powerful performance. She shares the same mental toughness with Serena, which enables her to hit the gym 5 times a weak. (Chair) 

Guido Knipmeijer: Our Tiger Woods, he is the sporty-shaped shadow of our chair. He is the best vice chairs because if something needs to be done, he does it and always on first try (but without the sexual assault). (Vice Chair) 

Louis Papstein: Our Michael Jordan of the team, because he keeps track of the money and Michael Jordan is really wealthy. This may be the only thing he got in common with MJ, because he is significantly shorter and fairly bad at basketball, but we all have to have dreams. So, who knows, maybe in five or ten years you’ll see him dunking in the NBA. Most likely not, but maybe…

Chelesta Sen:  Our Lieke Martens, who is a Dutch international soccer star, who brought her teams the victories multiple times. She also grew up with playing soccer. She became a great sportswoman by hard work and practice. She switched from soccer to rugby during her study time. She loves sport and always keeps trying to improve herself. (Secretary) 

Rene Genn: Our Usain Bold, no one gets the job as promotion officer faster done than him, running is his most favorite sport, frees the mind and keeps vigilant. (Promotion-Officer) 

Are five extremely motivated sport fanatics and together we built up the sports-committee and we will bring some movement into your study progress with some sport throughout the year like the Bataviererace, and several other fun activities. We can’t wait to see all of you. We are going to help you to become one as well a sports-hero you always wanted to be of course we are going to make sure you have fun as well and some rest from you study program.

With much love, 

Your Sports Committee

Contact: sports@spin-nijmegen.com

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