Sports activity: Laser Night

We, the Sports-committee, are sorry for not getting the Millennium Falcon, to put you all to a trip into outer space for fighting alongside with Luke Skywalker on other planets, but what we can do is fighting the evil imperials here on earth. We will train you to make you suitable and ready for the fight, we will train you in shooting and the sword fight with light golf clubs. When the fight is over we will chill with a drink (first one is free) on the mini-golfcourse .
We are inviting you to our laser night which will take place on the 20th of February at LaserQuest in Nijmegen. It will start at 19 o’clock and will last till 21 o’clock, so enough time to defeat the imperials.
Unfortunately, the ammunition for the weapons and the protection costs money, therefore the entrance is 12,50 for members and 14 euros for non-members. Tickets are available on Eventix and at SPiN’s common room.
We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield!

With much love,
Your sport committee

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