SPiNstelein: Wine Walk

With the last exams coming up, we have to study hard again📚. To give you a nice break from all the hard studying, we have a nice activity planned; The Collaborations committee organises a wine walk🍷 in collaboration with study association Postelein!

On the 31st of May you can join the walk with stops to enjoy some delicious snacks that will compliment the wine. There are 2 places for each time slot so you can sign up together. Or you can sign up alone and meet someone new! You can give a preference for a certain time slot and pairing via the mail.

So are you up for another cosy evening with good wine and snacks as a boost for the last exam period? 🥂 Then join us! Hope to see you there! You can register for the activity at 7 pm via Eventix: https://eventix.shop/y4q74tj8 If you only register and want to be paired up, we will pair you up with someone. You can also choose whether you want to be paired with someone from SPiN or Postelein.

Mail address: postelein@pwo.ru.nl
Price for members: € 1,50 (applies to SPiN- and Posteleinmembers)

If there are no more places available, you can email to be put on the reserve list.