SPiN’s Study Trip: Valencia & Barcelona

SPiN´s Study Trip: Valencia & Barcelona

After two years of waiting, we can finally tell you that we are back and excited to invite you to the best trip and a well-deserved holiday:

SPiN’s Study Trip: Valencia & Barcelona!

From the 29th of April till the 8th or May we’ll make an unforgettable trip to the beautiful coasts of Spain. This year’s study trip will start in Valencia and after five days we will continue our trip to Barcelona!

  • For €450 all of the following is included:
  • Plane ticket from Schiphol to Valencia and from Barcelona to Schiphol (+ big suitcase)
  • Train from Valencia to Barcelona
  • A five days transport card in Barcelona
  • Accommodation in the best (party) hostels in town
  • Activities during the whole trip
  • An amazing time and a lot of memories together with the group

You’ve earned yourself a good trip after two years of none or very little vacation and you get a lot for that money! Besides that, the SPiN trips is something you have to experience at least ones in your life as a student! Every penny will be worth it.

Where do I sign up?

Sign-ups will open on the 9th of February at 11am and will close at 10pm. The sign-ups will be via Eventix! Make sure you sign up right away on the first day, as there are limited spots. If there are more sign-ups than spots, we will do a raffle. Once you get a spot, you will have to physically come to the SPiN-room to sign a contract and maybe already get to know the other members who will join you! We will also give you the opportunity to join the trip via a buddy-system, which means that you can give a name of a buddy when you sign up via Eventix (this is optional!). Make sure that your buddy also mentions your name. Only pairs are possible. This way you make sure if you get a spot, your buddy will definitely get a spot too.

We hope that you are just excited as we are to go to Spain together!