SPiN party: Straight Outta Comton

Ladies and gentlemen, Fishies and Foxies, the exams are finally over. That means you don’t need an excuse to go out and party, but we are happy to give you one. On Wednesday the 27th of February it’s time for another great party, so we gonna party like it’s your birthday. This time the theme is rap/hip-hop so make sure you’re gonna look fabulous! With some extra blingbling you’ll make sure that your street rep will be fine. We’re starting at 23:00h in the DrieGezusters. Untill 00:30 the beer is only 1 euro so this all counts up to a very good night. In addition, part of the proceeds from this party goes to the charity of the RAG-week. So if your inner good self wants to contribute something, you have to come to this party of course. We’re expecting that you’re all there, see you then!

Location: DrieGezusters
Time: 23.00-04.00h
Entrance: 1 euro for members (for charity) and 4 euros for non-members

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