SPiN party 12 feb: Find your second love

Sweet birds and lovebirds,

There is another party on the agenda! This time it will take place at the El Sombrero on the 12th of February, starting at 23.00h. Since this is around Valentine’s Day, we make use of the opportunity to play Cupido for you. At the entrance everybody will get a number with the purpose to find someone with the same number as you. Find your match and check if Cupido did well.

The beer will only be €1,50 untill 00.00h! Further, the party takes place during the RAG-week, and by coming to the party you support charity as well. The entrance for members will be €1 and for non-members €4 to collect money for RAG-week. So it’s wise to still bring your SPiN-sticker! Put on a lovely outfit to shine to make sure you stand out. We’ll see you there!