SocioCultural comittee

Dear fellow members, with great joy we present ourselves as the 2020-2021 sociocultural committee! In this committee, we organize social and cultural activities for all to enjoy and of course, a drink is part of this during our student times. Because of this, we decided it would be most interesting to get to know us in this manner as well, via the beers that we are. Hopefully, you will also enjoy our Photoshop skills.

Hey, my name is Alisia and I am the chair of the Sociocultural Committee. The beer that I identify with is Cherry Chouffe. I am 21 years old and just like Cherry Chouffe the youngest in my family. Moreover, the beer is a balanced mix between sweet, fruity and bitter and best to drink on a nice summer day. Since I like summer, Belgium and a good amount of alcohol I think that the Cherry Chouffe is the beer I can identify with best. Moreover, just like the dwarfs on the bottle I am not the tallest person there is!

Bonjour, my name is Gwendolyn and I am the vice-chair of this committee! For some I might look familiar as I was the secretary of the board last year, this year my ambition continued and next to this committee, I am doing a different board year. This is also why I identify with the brewers of gebrouwen door vrouwen! They were and are also ambitious and full of perseverance breaking through the brewing world. Plus, the beer I chose is called the big boss ;).

Hello everyone, my name is Mémé and I’m the secretary of the sociocultural committee this year. I’m spontaneous and cheerful, just like the summer-fresh desperados. I’m always up for some fun and having a nice chat, so just like the despo I’m very approachable.

Hey! My name is Thimoty and I am the treasurer this year. I’m social and I love memes and dogs. I would best qualify myself as a blonde Grimbergen beer because, like this beer, I’m there for both big parties or chill evenings as long as fun is involved!

Hi, I am Simone and I am the promotion officer. Just as a Vedett white I’m easy going and suitable for every occasion. I’ve got a fresh personality with some fruity notes, which will be useful when I have to come up with new fresh promotion plans! One of my hobbies is dancing and if you drink enough of me, I will make you dance…

Hey, I’m Lieke and the last of the pact. You’ve come to the right place for a sweet refreshment from Brabant! With its bubbly character, this beverage will both put you at ease and give you fresh ideas. Suitable for almost every taste, group and occasion!

See you at our activities!

Lots of love,

The Sociocultural Committee 2020-2021!

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