SocioCultural comittee

Hey SPiN members, we are the SocioCultural committee!

This year, we will organise 3 great activities, of which Psypop: a great night with awesome bands and  good vibes. After a night like that, we love to go to the FEBO. Therefore we will introduce ourselves based on our go-to snack after a night out.

Hey I’m Julia, the chair of this committee. I’m in my first year of the program. I always love to do fun things and enjoy the people around me. That’s why I like to go to the FEBO to end the evening together with a nice snack. And while I’m there, I really love the ‘kipcorn’! Besides that, I love playing music and I also enjoy playing sports.

My name is Floor, I am 21 years old and I am currently in the fourth year of the bachelor. This year I am the vice-chair of the SocioCultural Committee and I look forward to organizing fun activities for all of you this academic year!
I like to socialize and in my spare time I can therefore often be found with family and friends, on the hockey field or in the pub. I prefer to end my trips to the pub at the FEBO. When I’ve got my favourite chicken burger, I can go home with a satisfied feeling.

Hello my name is jobke 🙂 and if you see me standing in front of the FEBO after partying, i’m probably eating a ‘kaassoufflé’. Not just 1 but 3! Because what is better than a kaassoufflé? 3 kaassoufflés!!

Hi! My name is Sanne, I am 18 years old, I am in my first year of psychology and I am the promotion officer of the SocioCultural committee. I joined a committee because I enjoy organizing activities together with other nice people and I wanted to meet new people. I’m always up for a party and a snack from the FEBO afterwards is a must! My favourite snack is a ‘bamischijf’ or a ‘kaassouflé’

Hello everyone! My name is Iza, I am currently in the 3rd year of my bachelor and this year I have the honor to be the treasurer of the Sociocultural committee. I hope that, together with my amazing committee members, we will be able to organize the most amazing activities for you.
Some of these activities may concern drinking a bit of alcohol. After an evening out in the Molenstraat, and a bit more alcohol in my system, I am looking forward to my favorite snack; the chickenburger! Together with my committee member Floor will we bite into this lovely snack, just like we would bite into organizing these activities. I hope to see you all soon at the next activity!
Love, Iza

Hi, my name is Jekke, I’m 21 years old and in the 4th year of the bachelor. This year I’m in the SocioCultural committee to organise fun activities for all of you. I really enjoy painting, and in the evenings I love going out or hang out with friends at home. I love to end nights like these at the most beloved place of Nijmegen; de FEBO, where I’ll get my favourite snack, a kroket, to end the night.

Hi there! My name is Merel, 23 years old and currently in my second bachelor year. I studied business administration beforehand, but I found my real passion in behavior change. I play hockey with friends, what makes me happy is traveling, a nice festival or strolling through a museum. After a night out, a Vitaaltje (vegetarian kroket) is my favorite snack since I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years. Looking forward to seeing you at our Sociocultural events!

Lots of love,

The Sociocultural Committee 2020-2021!

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