Dear readers,

Welcome to our introduction. We are going to inform you about the serious business of being an extraordinary member of the Socialcie Committee. Only the active members have the access to our greatest secrets. The budget of our greatest secrets are in the hands of Treasurer Myrthe. She is diggin’ for gold for our activities. Our Secret-tary is keeping the highest kept secrets even more secret in her MacBook Air (muwhaha). When some of these high priority information is allowed to get into the world of SPiN’s active members, Malin A releases them as Promotion officer. The professor behind all our Socialcie science is Babs, sitting in her chair she leads her minions. For the dirty work we have Mémé, on her dirty (vice) chair.  And then we have Malin C, she cleans up all our sh*t and keeps us sane. We hope you can keep this information as safe as possible.

With secretly kind regards,

The  Socialcie Committee

Babs, Mémé, Malin, Malin, Myrthe & San