Hi dear readers,

Welcome, we are the SocialCie: we are there to reward active members for their fantastic efforts in their committees. Besides fun activities, we also organize the legendary active members weekend. We hope that the active members can get to know each other well, to make it an unforgettable SPiN-year. Because we are so involved with SPiN, it became a part of us, as is to be seen in the pictures!

Elze: chair and SPINning wheel

Claire: vice-chair and SPINning (cycling)

Veerliene: secretary and SPIN (spider)

Inge: treasurer and SPINning

Deveny: promotion officer and SPIDERman

Sanne: general member and fidget SPINner

Maaike: general member and SPINach

Bianca: general member and SPINoza

Kind regards,

The SocialCie