Ski Trip COVID-19 Overview

At this moment it is possible to go on the Ski Trip. However the COVID-19 measures will probably change much coming months, and this can cause uncertainty for the Ski Trip, Spin wants to try to give an as clear as possible overview of the measures and what they will mean for the Ski Trip. 

The Netherlands and/or France has a red or orange colour on the COVID-19 map, what now? 

The Ski Trip this year is booked by the travel organisation Totally Snow. According to them the Ski Trip will be cancelled for free when the Netherlands or France is red or when the Netherlands or France is orange, and the board of SPiN decides to cancel the trip. This means that in both cases you will get your money back.  

There is a chance that the colour of the COVID-19 map changes during the Ski Trip changes. In the case that the Netherlands or France will turn red, then Totally Snow will arrange transportation to the Netherlands. In the case that the Netherlands or France will turn orange, then the board of SPiN will talk with Totally snow and the GGD and decide on the situation if we want to decide to go back to the Netherlands right away. 

What are the COVID-19 measures in France? 

In La Plagne we will have to follow the COVID-19 measures of France. At the moment this means that:  

  • If you are not vaccinated, then you can still go to the Ski Trip. We cannot say with certainty that it will stay like this. According to Totally Snow, there will be a test location in La Plagne. 
  • When you have COVID-19, then you will have to go in quarantine for 10 days. When you will have to stay longer in La Plagne than was booked, then Totally will arrange accommodation and transportation. 
  • When your roommate has COVID-19, you will have to go in quarantine for 7 days. 

How can you go on the Ski Trip without worries? 

Totally Snow gives the opportunity to get a travel and cancelations insurance that gives you insurance for when you get corona before you can go to La Plagne, when you get corona during the Ski Trip, and you will have to go to the hospital and will give you compensation for when you have to go into quarantine or have to go in quarantine because of another person. For more information about the insurance, visit:

Do you already have travel and/or cancelations insurance? Then we advise you to get information of your insurance company about COVID-19 and if the insurance company gives compensation for getting corona during and before your trip. Besides that, it is important to get insurance because of the uncertainties COVID-19 gives, for Ski Trips it is also important to have insurance in case of possible accidents on the slopes. 

Do you miss information? You can find a lot of information on the COVID-19 page of Totally Snow: Also, you can e-mail your questions to

We will keep this page up to date. We hope this gives more clarity and everyone can look forward to the Ski Trip. We are already excited!!