Hi dearest readers,

Welcome on behalf of the Skicie of SPiN, we are going to organise the best week of the year! A week filled with winter fun, sport, après-ski, snow angels, beer, Jägermeister and the finest folks. The great times and lovely individuals (and a little the booze too) makes for unbelievably splendid stories. Plus you get the meet some of the most wonderful people. Here is a little more information about the members of our team:

Sarah Freeke
“My friends call me Saar. I am the chair of the committee, I like being so involved in the whole process of making a great Skitrip. In my free time I like to take photos. I absolutely love dogs, I’d drop everything to pet a dog. I’d describe myself as an open person, I like talking with people, dancing with a massive lack of any dancing skills and watching Netflix under tons of blankets. Ski trip is for me the best trip because it’s a happy time, it really nice to see everybody enjoy themselves:)”

Remy Kingma
 “I am the vice-chair of the Skitrip committee, the back-up of the chair and help out where ever I can. I’m 20 years old and in my third year of psychology. Since I was not going on a skitrip with my friends this year and I like being an active member at SPiN, I thought I might as well sign up for the committee and organise the whole thing with some others (also, I happened to have some time left since I have to do four years to finish my bachelor). Luckily I got accepted! There are two things that I really enjoy: exercise and partying. Coincidentally, those are also the things that come forward on a skitrip, so it’s a perfect match!”

Raisa Rambaran
“My part in the ski committee is that of being the secratary. I take care of scheduling the meetings or appointments and maintaining files. I write down every important aspect that is discussed during the meetings and process that in the minutes. I am in the ski committee because I (obviously) love skiing. I used to live close to the mountains so every year my parents and I used to go skiing. We moved later but skiing has always been a passion of mine and it still is. There is nothing more fun than having a good time with friends and also doing a hobby you love. I am motivated and sure that we can achieve that this year again. I hope to see lots of you during the skitrip!!”

Julia Doornebos
“I am the promotion officer of the ski committee. If you love to ski this is definitely the best committee! My role in this committee is to make sure promotion all goes well and according to plan. So I contact other committees about our promotion plans, to work them out. Aside from the committee I’m studying in my second year. In my free time I love to play field hockey at Apeliotes and I won’t say no to going out (at times a bit more than) every once in a while haha ;)”

Xenia Leclerc
“I am the treasure of the Skitrip committee (of course the most fun and enjoyable one) which makes me responsible for the finances and I keep the financial overview and see where the money goes we are spending. I am a first year student and I come from Hamburg, Germany. I spent the last 3 years during my school time in a boarding school. In my free time I play hockey and I am always down for fun, maybe even for 3 to 15 drinks:))”

Johannes Fiebig
“I am Joey (or Joe, Johnnyboy – or Johannes, if you’re mad at me) and I have been on too many skitrips for my own good. This year I am a general member which means I just help out everywhere I can to make sure the trip is fantastic. Besides I have been in the committee for so many times that people tend to lose track, and thus I have been on the slopes also quite a few times (if I didn’t weaken my ankle, knee or whatever other broken body part). You can wake me up for a good bottle of red wine or a Gin & Tonic! Fun fact, I am bringing my entire video gear this year, so make sure to cross me during either the après-ski or on the slopes to get featured in my very last SPiN after movie!”

We would love to see you join us on the trip! Are you ready to make some memories…

All the love,

Your Skicie

Contact: skitrip@spin-nijmegen.com