Reminder deregistration

Dear SPiN member,  

By means of this message, I would like to remind you that you must submit a deregistration from before August 19 if you want to deregister from SPiN for the next academic year. A membership at SPiN is automatically renewed each year, so have you completed your bachelor this year, have you stopped your studies or do you want to deregister from SPiN for another reason? Then go to and fill in the form. Make sure you receive a confirmation email from me, otherwise your deregistration is not valid! 

If you still want to be a member next year or do you have already filled in the deregistration form and have you received a confirmation? Then you can ignore this message.

If you have any questions left, please send an email to

Kind regards, on behalf of the XIth board of SPiN,  

Julia Bultink

Secretary SPiN 2018-2019