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Party & drinks committee

We are the party & drinks committee, aka FeBo, and we will organize six crazy parties and three sociable drinks for you this year. For you getting to know us, we introduced ourselves below.

Hi, my name is Anne. We should describe ourselves as a drink for this introduction, but as the chair of the committee I don’t even like beer or wine. Why I have become chair of this committee, is a riddle for me as well. I hope I get through this year as one piece as the chick who lives on liquor. My favorite drink is a Bacardi razz mojito; multidimensional, strong content and present at all fun parties. Same as me.

Our one and only secretary Iza sees herself as a sweet drink. We describe Iza as a delicious Cosmopolitan. When Iza is showing her moves at the Molenstraat, we see this sexy cocktail reflecting Iza. Further, the vodka present in the Cosmopolitan gives the drink an straightforward taste, just like the straightforward opinion of Iza. She shows herself well and dares to be herself. Join our crazy parties to make a chat with this nice girl!

Hi, I am Jasper. The drink you can compare me with the best is a beer, not only because this yellow gold flows through my veins, but also because I am just as easy as a beer. I am always ready for a party, that is why I am joining this committee. I fulfill the function of treasurer. When it rains, I arrive a little bit later at parties, because I don’t want to wet my hair. Of course I am present when it rains beer.

Roos likes to see herself as a long island ice tea. A little extra (such as the amount of alcohol in this drink) occasionally, which we all appreciate, of course. Someone who is drinking this drink just wants to get fucked up, something Roos does regularly. But even without all the alcohol, she is a very social girl who makes contacts very quickly. In short, our promotion officer that you will all enjoy!

Thirza likes a few shots now and then. They seem innocent, but before you realize it, crazy things happen. A nice and sweet girl, but after a few drinks we don’t see anything left from her ‘innocence’. Unfortunately, madam has missed the first party. Don’t be sad: during the next party, we will see our committee battle responsible probably dancing at tables again!

Hi, I’m Falke. The drink you can compare me with the best is Jägermeister. At first I’m pretty calm and shy, but after a while / couple of beers I’m way more spontaneous and lively. I’m really chaotic, am just like jäger always late, and 90% of the time I don’t know what’s going on. Even though I became an active member two months late, I’m really excited about having a great time as a general member.

Last but not least: credits to the FEBO co-worker who joined us at our committee picture.

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Contact: party@spin-nijmegen.com