Party & drinks committee

Hi! My name is Lucca, I’m 20 years old, I’m in my second year of psychology and I’m the chair of the party and drinks committee. I wanted to join this committee because one of my favourite things to do is listen to music and dance, and in my opinion, this experience is even better when there’s some beer involved. It seemed really fun to organize parties and be able to be creative with different themes. Unfortunately, things have been a lot more difficult lately, but I still really enjoy getting to know new people and making the best of it. Since there are a lot fewer parties than I would like there to be, I now spend a lot of time doing things I like to do by myself, like playing the piano or guitar, drawing, cooking and reading books. I don’t really do any sports at the moment, but I usually like to try out different courses at the Radboud sports centre. I hope to be dancing and drinking with everyone again soon, and until then I will just turn up the volume of my headphones and pretend it’s a silent disco 😉

Hi! My name is Mirthe, I’m 20 years old. I am one of the committee members of the party and drinks committee. I wanted to be on this committee since I love party’s (and drinks 😉)! Due to COVID, it’s harder to meet new people, which is also one of the reasons I wanted to join a committee. If there would be no COVID, I would probably not have signed up for a committee, since I am quite a busy person. I am really enjoying being a committee member though! A fun fact about me is that I am very chaotic, I need 100 reminders to make sure I don’t forget the things I need to do. I hope I get to meet all of you during the (for now online) drinks!

Hey there! I am one of the two Anouk’s in this committee. I joined the party and drinks committee because I love to party and let loose. I can simply not turn down a party, so this was the perfect opportunity for me! However, I did not think about the lack of parties this year… Luckily my function as a treasurer is a lot easier when the activities are online, and I still have a lot of fun in our committee during our online drinks. Unfortunately, due to COVID, I had to alter my hobby’s from soccer and partying to walking and trips to the Mac Donald’s (okay… I love these activities as well). I’d love to see you soon during one of our online drinks and I almost don’t dare to say it, but I would love to meet you guys in real life as well!

Hi, My name is Anouk Toma! I am 21 years old, I’m in my first year of psychology and this year I am the vice-chair of the Party & Drinks committee. As I am born and raised in (South) Limburg, Carnaval is the best time of the year, so luckily I definitely know how to party! That’s why I chose to join this committee. Unfortunately, all activities and school are online right now, but it is still nice to get to know new people. Hobby-wise I am quite boring, I don’t really have any. I kind of like to do anything. What I always like is exploring new things and places. You can wake me up at night for some good food and cuddle with dogs, but I’d rather sleep because I am a real sleepyhead. Fun fact: I can be kind of blunt and clumsy, which only gets worse when I’ve had something to drink, but on a night out this does create some fun stories!

Hi, my name is Berry land I am 20 years old. I am in my first year of psychology and am having a lot of fun so far. This year I am on the party and drinks committee. This is the perfect committee for me because I am always up for a party and never skip a night out. As long as there is a beer or some wine available. I also really like to dance and nobody can stop me once I’ve had a few drinks. Maybe I will see you at one of our online drinks and hopefully we can soon dance together and have a drink!

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