Programme committee

What does the programme committee do?
The programme committee advises the Director of Education about all matters relating to education, on request and at their own initiative. The programme committee also functions as the main body for quality assurance in the programme’s education. It does this with input from the department’s students and lecturers.

Who is on the programme committee?
The programme committee consists of both lecturers and students. The students in this year’s (2019-2020) committee are Ruben Repko, Kirsten Mulder, Vera van Lent, Dorothee Vollmer, Monique Veeneman, Anne Brand and Rona van der Dussen is advisory member from SPiN.

What can you do?
Have you seen unfair rules in the Education and Examination Regulations for the Psychology degree programme, come across sloppy exam questions or experienced a lack of clarity about the degree programme? Or do you have tips on how to improve the degree programme, one of the courses or exams? Bring all your complaints, questions, tips or comments about the quality of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Psychology to us. We will do our very best to respond to your request! Write a message on the Facebook page of the Programme Committee for Psychology in Nijmegen (, send an e-mail to or chat with us in the hallways. There are many ways to make your voice heard!

You can also always check out the Education and Examination Regulations of 2019-2020 at

Faculty Student Council

The Faculty Student Council represents the interests of all students at the Faculty of Social Sciences by being actively involved in matters such as the quality of education and facilities. In addition to addressing issues they themselves come across, they listen as much as possible to what the students whose interests they represent have to say. They do this by means of the participation room, the website and the e-mail address, but you can of course also stop them if you see one of them in the hallway. As well as input from the students and their own initiatives, they also get a lot of input from the various councils they participate in. These councils are an important place to represent the interests of students. Do you have complaints or comments? Send them an e-mail at Or visit their Facebook page: Faculty Student Council for Social Sciences (

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