Information for companies

The Study association Psychology in Nijmegen, or SPiN, is a young but big and amibitious association. Since 2008 SPiN has dedicated itself to 1550 students psychology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. SPiN organises different study-related and non-study-related activities throughout the year. Examples of this are parties, drinks, sports activities, but also serious activities such as workfield days, a conference or more content-related projects with psychology related companies and institutions. We also aim at interdisciplinaire cooperations with external partners. Therefore there are a lot of interesting options to work together with SPiN.

If you would be interested, you could ask for the information brochure explaining the options for a collaboratin with SPiN, te vision of SPiN in this area and how this would be useful to your company. Ofcourse the possibilities for sponsoring are also mentioned in this.

For any questions about a collaboration you can contact us via: