Orientation committee

Hi everyone!

We are SpiN’s orientation committee of the year 2021/22. Together with SPS- NIP we will organize the event “Experience your Future”. On this event inspiring speakers of various workfields will give you a sneak-peak into their work and tell you how they got into this field. Additionally, all kinds of organizations will provide you with information about themselves on the information market included in the event. So if you do not know yet in which direction you want to go after your studies or if you want to know more about a specific workfield, check it out! But first let us introduce ourselves to you:

Eva, our chair is 21 years old and currently in her third year. She really enjoys organizing and planning which fits well with her tasks in the committee. She spends a lot of time on her studies but in the free time she’s got she loves to dance, prepare and of course also eat food with her friends and spend time with her family.

Liese, our vice-chair, is 19 years old and is in her first year. When she’s not busy with her studies you can find her in the gym or serving perfect tap beers at her part time job. Besides serving beers she also likes to drink them with her friends, with who she gladly spends her time.

Meis is our secretary, she’s 22 and just starting her first year of psychology. If she’s not busy studying, she can usually be found in a big, cozy chair with a book. She also enjoys cooking for her friends and family, trying (and failing) to take care of her plants and mixing up some gin-tonics.

Rebecca, our general member, is 22 years old and just started her first year. She likes to workout, go for long walks and spend time outside. Other than that, she likes to read, cook and explore new places.

David, our general member is 21 years old and already is his third year of the bachelor. He is active when it comes to the informal meeting, like a boardgame-night, but lays a bit back during the formal meetings. However, he always does what’s asked from him. His greatest passions are movies, organizing social activities and socializing with friends. At parties he is fully in his element if he’s the DJ.

Marius, our treasurer is 20 years old and is already in his third year of the bachelor. He is kind of good with numbers which is really handy for him as a treasurer. When he’s not focusing on his studies, he likes to hang out with friends, watch movies and read. When he is at a party he mostly enjoys the dancing part.

Julia, our promotion officer is 19 years old and in her second year of the psychology bachelor. If the studies give her time to do so, she enjoys to travel, go to museums and try new sports and especially food. Apart from that, she also loves to listen to all kinds of music (especially metal), play the electric guitar and go out in the forest with her horse.

We hope you got to know us a little better and we are looking forward to see you at EYF in February 2022!

The Orientation Committee

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