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SPiN Lend Service

Dictionairies, calculators, USB-sticks and laptop/phone charger

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Drinking games night

The first drink is a fact! Come play drinking games with us and show of your Mexing or Charades skills while blowing of steam of the first study weeks. The location will be announced soon! Read more

Vacancy alert !

The study has already started more than 2.5 weeks ago. Not only the university has started, but companies and institutions too. Well, they are looking for you! On our website you can find various interesting Read more

SOLD OUT! Excursion: Rabobank Utrecht

Are you curious about working in a company with a psychological background? Then come with us to our excursion to one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands: The Rabobank. At a bank are also Read more

GMA: Secretarial Annual Report and Policy Plan

On Monday the 23rd of September, the fifth General Members’ Assembly (GMA) of the association year 2018-2019 will take place. The GMA will start at 19:00h and will take place at de Waagh. You are Read more

Lecture: Fake News!

Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is SPiN’s Lecture Committee speaking with very important news. The first lecture of this academic year will take place on Monday the 16th of september! This lecture’s topic: Fake Read more

Information meetings Active Membership

Do you want to do something extra this year that isn’t intervening with your studies? Do you have some free time left next year? Would you like to get to know a lot of new Read more

Freshmen Barbecue

Beware: Freshmen only! On the 17th of September SPiN organises a barbecue specially for all the new freshmen! Its a fun and cheerful barbecue where you get to meet a lot of new freshmen with Read more

SPiN’s Freshmen Weekend

Just started your first year at university and eager to meet your fellow students while having loads of fun? Then join the Freshmen weekend! From the 27th to the 29th of September we will travel Read more