Media and Yearbook Committee

Hi everyone!

My name is David and I am in my second of studying. This is my first time being in a comittee and I already love it! In the beginning, I was in doubt on how much I would enjoy being in this comittee but now I can say I could not have wished for a better comittee and I even discovered a new passion of mine: Photography. Besides my studies I like to drive my motorbike, dance, go to the gym  or just go on an adventure. Looking forward to soon having parties again and getting to know all of you guys!

My name is Bo, I’m 22 years old and I’m the vice chair of the media & yearbook committee. I signed up for this committee, because I love to take photographs and I like to be actively involved with SPiN. This year, I’m (hopefully) completing my bachelor’s degree. When I’m not studying, you can find me on the Waal beaches where I’m either taking a cold dip in the Waal or I’m busy taking pictures, but I also like to go for a walk with friends and you can find me (outside the winter break and the lockdowns) three times a week on the hockey field.

Hi, I am Leonie and I am the secretary of the committee. I am not sure why I chose for this committee, since it’s quite out of my comfortzone to take pictures of others. On the other hand I really like going to the SPiN-activities, and this way I can at least go to them with the committee. And I am great at pushing buttons, therefore clicking on the camera and typing (referring to the seccie function). I hope to see you soon on one of the activities and I’ll defo take a picture of you 🙂

Hey! My name is Martha, and I am the treasurer of this committee. In my free time, I like to listen to music, do sports, and hang out with friends. l also really like to do creative stuff like drawing and photography. That last thing is one of the reasons why I joined this committee, since we get to make a lot of pictures:) Being a member of this committee also means that we get to join all kinds of different activities of the SPIN, which I really enjoy.

Hey, I am Neele, and this year I am a general member in the media&yearbook committee. To be fair, my picture taking and editing skills aren’t particularly convincing but as the animator behind the camera I am making sure you are having fun in the pictures! 🙂

Hi! My name is Eva and I’m the chair of the Media and Yearbook committee this year. I’m 21 years old and currently in my 3rd year of the bachelor. I joined this committee because I like taking pictures to commemorate things, so we can happily look back at them later. I hope that our committee will take some great pictures of everyone at SPiN this year and to put the best pictures in an amazing yearbook for you to look back at the fun things we did 🙂 Besides taking pictures I love to hang out with friends, kook, watch Netflix, and travel and explore new places. I hope you’ll all have fun at the SPiN activities, see you there!


Kind regards,

The Media and Yearbook Committee