Magazine committee

Dear all, 

That amazing magazine, always there at the SPiN common room, with the funniest news, interviews and an extremely accurate horoscope, who actually makes that? Welcome to our redaction table, full with notes, ideas and drafts of upcoming articles. We might be psychology students (or practically one of us), but we can also write some great articles. I will introduce you the driving force behind this magazine: the Magazine Committee. 

Our chair Imre always makes sure everything goes according plan. He makes sure the committee gets enthusiastic and besides his talent for transforming articles in a beautiful layout, his cooking skills also were appreciated by the rest. Our vice chair Nina arrange a variety of thing, from mailing teachers to helping with the layout. In addition, we have Anouk that makes sure that everything that goes with great speed through our meetings, also can be found on paper. But she does not only write minutes, but also some spectacular articles. Our last member in the committee is Juliette. She helps with the promotion, so that everyone knows about our amazing magazine.  

However, now you know us, there is only one thing left to do. Run to the SPiN common room and grab the newest edition of HersenSPiNsels! 


The Magazine Committee