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From 15 Februari on, no one is safe anymore at uni… because lustrum Gotcha will start!


Never heard of Gotcha? Here is a short explanation!

Gotcha is a game whereby every participant gets the name of another participant who he or she has to kill by shooting them with a special SPiN x Lustrum water gun. If the participant is shot, the murderer will receive the victim of the killed participant as next participant to kill. This means that at the end of the game only participants will be left over to kill each other. The person who is able to do this, will be the winner of the game. Further, you can get extra points with special kills. The winner and the person with the most points receive an amazing lustrum price.


Rules & Points


  • You receive the name of the person you have to shoot
  • The kill only counts when you shoot with the SPiN x Lustrum water gun you get from us.
  • A murder has to take place at uni or at a SPiN activity
  • Send us your murder (photo or video, the photo can also be taken after the murder) via WhatsApp
  • You will receive a new name to murder.



  • Murdering someone +3
  • Murder on film +5
  • Creative murder +10
  • Kill a board member (only if you received the name of this person) +15
  • Chug a beer after murder (on film) +15
  • Losing your gun -10


Important information

  • You can sign up until the 6th of February
  • From 13 January on, you can get you water gun in the SPiN room and you will find out who you need to kill. Get the water gun as soon as possible, because on 15 January the game starts!
  • The game will go on until there is a winner or until the last lustrum activity.
  • And lastly, we are not responsible for any damage that might happen.


Good luck…


– The Lustrum committee of SPiN