Lecture committee

Hi guys,

We are Fiona, Eva, Floor, Mirjam, & Charlotte, and we are the Lecture Committee!

To get to know us, here are a few facts about us:

First up Fiona, our treasurer. Which is ironic, because she is kind of bad with numbers. Next to being our treasurer she also takes all the tasks nobody wants to do, because she has a hard time saying no to anything. When watching a lecture, Fiona is always sitting in a weird position. She calls herself an acrobatic lecture watcher.

Next up Eva, our chair. Eva is the responsible member of our committee, except when watching a lecture. Then she catches up on the sleep she never gets at night, because of her planning duties. Therefore she is our sleepy lecture watcher. Of course, when we organize the lecture she is wide awake because she has to ask the lecturer all the questions nobody else does.

Then Floor, our secretary. This is quite a fitting position for her because she is the Usain Bolt of typing. One of her secrets to success in fast typing is that she writes her minutes half Dutch/half English. That’s why we also call her the google translate lecture watcher. But apparently, she is not that fast in other fields, because she couldn’t even catch her turtle that ran away.

Next up Mirjam, our vice-chair. Mirjam is a classy woman who enjoys drinking some wine while watching a lecture. That’s why we lovingly refer to her as the tipsy lecture watcher. Apparently, the wine is her creative juice, because she has a smell for the most innovative ideas. Sadly however that’s how far her smell goes because she has none.

Last but not least, Charlotte. She is our promotion officer. This position is very fitting for her because Charlotte is able to sell even the worst haircut, like the one she gave her sister when she was younger. Watching lectures is usually only an excuse for her to eat. She is just as good at promoting food as she is at promoting our lectures. Therefore she is the hungry lecture watcher.

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