Lecture committee

The Lecture Committee is composed of six exceptional individuals. Two of which are the fundamental pillars of our committee, Pauline and Daria. Both have secretary duties and provide all the information needed to other members in order to organize our lectures. The information gathered is most important to the promotion officer of our committee, Ana. As an artistic person, Ana manages to promote our lectures in the most creative and unique way possible. However, no promotion would take place if it weren’t for our well-planned financial management undertaken by Celina, our treasurer. All members significantly support the vice-chair and the chair, which are two roles that are occupied by Lara and Fedonas, respectively. Lara and Fedonas are both enthusiastic and driven for providing lectures filled with knowledge and insight to an audience. Here knowledge is key, as we like to think that our committee resembles Coeus, a Titan God of intelligence and farsight. His desire to learn, due to his inquisitive mind, accurately mirrors our attitude. Accommodating the role of God of wisdom, Coeus acts as an inspiration to our board on providing lectures to people that want to grow wise through the path of understanding and sophistication. However, just in the same way that Coeus’ name represents query, wisdom and intelligence requires questioning. The questioning approach towards life, builds through critical thinking, which in turn builds through listening and evaluating. And what better way to listen and evaluate knowledge, other than lectures delivered by experts!

– lecture committee

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