IXth Board of Study association Psychology in Nijmegen

Every year in October, the members of the SPiN board pass the torch to seven new student members. These students are distributed over seven functions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Formal Affairs Officer, Informal Affairs Officer, Academic Relations Officer and External Affairs Officer. They commit themselves to SPiN and its members for one year and become part of the association’s daily management.

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Els van Loo – Chair

Dear reader,

My name is Els van Loo, I am 22 years old and born and raised in Eindhoven the craziest. Although in heart and soul I am a real ‘Brabantse’, I have found my place in Nijmegen three years ago and feel completely at home.

At the moment I’m in my fourth year of the bachelor Psychology and have I been an active member with SPiN since last year. In the Workfield and Future committee I have fulfilled the function of Communication Officer for a year, which I’ve enjoyed very much. Because I would like to be much more involved with SPiN, I will fulfil the function of Chair in my board this year.

In my spare time that remains when I’m done doing the boards work and studying, you can find me on the hockey field in my goalie outfit. You can also run into me at a techno or hardcore party together with my roommates or siblings. Besides this I will return to the lovely Eindhoven every now and then, since the family should of course still be visited sometimes. To make sure I take a breather in all this busy chaos I love to relax with a pizza and horrible series on the couch, or play a game of Settlers of Catan with my roommates.

I’m am very excited to make this year an awesome one together with the rest of my amazing board. I hope to meet as many new people as possible, so feel welcome to pass by SPiN’s common room for a cup of coffee or tea. When I’m not in SPiN’s common room and you still need me, you can always send an email to chair@spin-nijmegen.com.


Nina Pijpers – Secretary

Dear reader,

My name is Nina Pijpers. I am 21 years old and I am from Nieuwstadt. This is located in Midden-Limburg, as many say to hear on my accent. In my spare time I like to chill with friends or to go out. I also like to make music, I play the flute and piano. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to make music the last years.

I am now in the fourth year of my study Psychology. In the past two years I was an active member at SPiN. In my second year I was in the Exchange committee and in my third year in the SocialCie. These experiences at SPiN were so nice that I decided that I wanted to go in the board this year. When you sent an e-mail to SPiN, most of the time I will get it and I will answer it with love. I will keep Facebook, the website, the membership base and the newsletter up-to-date. Finally I will supervise the Initiative committee this year and I will be a part of the Lustrum committee.

I’m really looking forward to this year with a great board and enthusiastic active members. If you have any questions or you just want to make a nice chat with me, you can always appeal to me or sent an e-mail to secretary@spin-nijmegen.com.


Jelle Gerritsma – Treasurer

Dear reader,

My name is Jelle Gerritsma and I will be the treasurer of the board upcoming year. At the moment I am 20 years old and born in the city Rosmalen. From the first moment I started studying I have been living in Nijmegen.

Currently I am in my third bacheloryear Psychology, but this year SPiN will consume a little more time than my study. From my first year I have been involved at SPiN, first of all I have been in the Winter Sport Committee and in the second year I have been the chair of the Acquisition Committee. But after two year I decided to take it a step higher, the board.

In my spare time I like to play football and play a game of FIFA, furthermore I work at the greengrocer in the city centre.

I am looking forward to next year and if you have any questions, you can always come by at SPiN’s common room or send an email totreasurer@spin-nijmegen.com.


Giulio Severijnen – Formal Affairs Officer

Hi everyone!

I am Giulio Severijnen, 20 years old and in my fourth year as a student. I was born in Delft but my parents chose very quickly move from Delft to a more southern city: Maastricht. After living in this beautiful city for more or less 15 years, I chose to leave to Nijmegen to continue my studies.

As my first name might make you suspect, my roots are even more southern than Maastricht. They are located aaaaaall the way in the most beautiful city in the world: Rome of course! To confirm all Italian stereotypes, I eat a lot of pizza, I can’t drive (I don’t even have my licence) and when I talk I do so with a lot of gestures of course.

This year I will be the Formal Affairs Officer of SPiN. This means that I will mostly be concerned with guiding the study-related committees and as an extra the Study trip committee. Further, I will make sure together with my six other great board members that this year will be a fantastic year for you guys!

Apart from the life as Formal Affairs Officer I like to make time to have a beer, play my guitar, to do some sports (or not) and I’m still working with great pleasure as a bartender at Café Biessels in Nijmegen.

I’m really excited to have a great year so be sure to stop by SPiN’s common room to have a chat or send an email to formal@spin-nijmegen.com! Otherwise, I will surely see you during one of SPiN’s fun and interesting activities. See you soon!


Eefje Jongstra – Informal Affairs Officer

Hey everybody,

I am Eefje Jongstra, 20 years old and I’m currently in my second year. I come from Sittard, so that brings the total of board members from Limburg on three!

Last year, I immediately wanted to become an active member. Therefore I became secretary at the Workshop- and Conference committee! We organised 4 great trainings and one conference about manipulation. I liked this committee so much, that a board year at SPiN really appealed to me.

I’m excited to be this year’s Informal Affairs Officer. Besides being Informal Affairs Officer, I’ll also be the Fish officer. So this year, I’ll make sure that Judeska, Meerminman, Mosseljongen, Jeroen, 2pakku, Asaprocky and DaVinci stay happy fishes.

But besides all those serious functions, I love to party, drink beer, having wine-evenings, binge-watch Netflix-series, have a good sleep,  tour in my car (called Nico), play guitar and snowboard.

I’m looking forward to this year, and I think it’s going to be a great year! Pass by at the SPiN’s common room for a cup of coffee/tea, or just to watch crazy youtube videos. If you can’t find me in the SPiN’s common room, you can always send an e-mail to informal@spin-nijmegen.com.


Muriël Neeleman – Academic Relations Officer

Dear reader,

I’m Muriël Neeleman and I’m 20 years old. Unlike other people who study in Nijmegen, I’m not from Gelderland, Brabant, Limburg or Germany. I am born in the beautiful city of Utrecht. After my birth, my parents moved to a small, green village called Doorn. When I started my study, I moved to the cozy Nijmegen.

In my first year I became an active member of SPiN and was part of the party committee. In my second year I founded the super cool party named Insomnia with my committee. I then was treasurer of the festivities committee. I thought it was really cool to found a totally new committee, but then I wanted a bigger challenge. That’s why I’m the academic relationship officer of the board this year. If you want to contact me, my email address is academic@spin-nijmegen.com.

In my spare time I love to play 30seconds, meet with friends, like my row group of Phocas, go shopping, visit festivals and 21dinners. Besides all this, I have always played field hockey and hope to start playing field hockey again next year, when I have more time. I expect that this year will be exciting and busy and that our members will experience a great year with SPiN.


Michelle Geurts – External Affairs Officer

Hello everybody,

I am Michelle Geurts, 21 years old and I come from a village called Schaijk. Before this year I was already two years a SPiN member, including one year an active member. Together with the lovely girls of the exchange committee we put together an amazing trip. At that moment I knew I wanted to do more. I just love organising things for SPiN and my fellow psychology students. In the board I do the post external affairs officer. If you are interested what keeps me busy doing this, just ask!

I love skiing and when I am not in Nijmegen I can be find at the scouting of my village. I also love to go to a café with friends or go shopping. I am very excited for this year and I know for sure that we will make something amazing out of it! Have you got a great idea or any questions, you can always reach me at external@spin-nijmegen.com or drop by SPiN’s common room for a talk and a drink.