Integration committee

Hi everyone, we are the integration committee, and we absolutely love to bring people together. Whether it is (international)  students, teachers, parents, first years, we like everyone :). With our Sinterklaas activity, our teacher student lunch, and the freshman weekend, we hope to restore order and harmony on the beautiful university that is Radboud. Of course, this would not be possible without us amazing committee members, so let’s introduce ourselves

Jet is our chaotic chair. She is sometimes a little late, but you can count on her to bring snacks to the meetings. She loves her little plant-family with now over 20 members and is a little addicted to chili sauce. Despite having tried out multiple martial arts, she would still die first in every horror movie.

Next, we have Jael, our treasurer. She is a social person and loves hanging out with friends and the occasional frog. Despite loving chocolate, she would be a peanut butter cookie (no chocolate one unfortunately). Her secret power would be teleportation, which seems a bit unnecessary since she lives right next to Keizer Karel. Jael can be a bit stubborn but is also very kind.

Michèle is our sometimes-funny secretary. She often doesn’t think before she talks but that doesn’t really matter because she has great ideas. Her favorite movie is Shrek 2, fight her. Or don’t because she is very muscular because of her bouldering training. If Michèle was a cheese, she’d be gouda which is obvious considering her very Dutch appearance.

Anna is the passive-aggressive but sweet promotions officer. She loves doing crossword puzzles and has great idea for detail. This comes in very handy when she would be in a horror movie, as Anna would contrarily to Jet, survive the entire horror-franchise. If Anna was a Muppet, she would be Fozzie Bear, which you can tell by the unmatching socks she always wears.

Next up is Mina, our vice-chair. Mina loves sleeping, but fortunately not during our meetings. She likes eating ramen and also enjoys the occasional lemon. She loves to share but can be short tempered. She is the life of the party and would be unsurprisingly tequila if she were some kind of alcohol.

Then we have Alina, one of two general members. Alina loves going out with friends and eating sushi. She is loyal and often listens to true crime podcasts and would have invisibility as superpower, which is very handy when she would commit crimes herself. We would not really like it if she were invisible though, because she is fun to look at.

Last but not least, we have second general member Gillian. Gillian is a bit of a combination of all positive traits mentioned above. She loves to sleep as well as going out with friends. Gillian also listens to true crime and would have invisibility as a superpower, so we have ourselves a crime duo in the committee. She is reliable but is often a little late. If Gillian would be a cookie, she’d definitely be a chocolate chip one, because she is just that sweet.


The Integration Committee

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