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Integration committee

We are the Integration committee of SPIN and our goal is to integrate teachers, freshman, parents and all kinds of people studying or working at our beautiful Radboud University. 

Through different activities, including the Parent’s Day, the Student-teacher lunch and the Freshman’s weekend, we try to facilitate the interaction between different members of the university and therefore creating an open and harmonic environment to study, live and work together.  

Emma is our chair. She is 19 years old and in the second year of Psychology. She likes to dance classic ballet, travel and party. But what she likes the most, is the color pink. You can recognise her by her pink bag, clothes and shawl. Or by her fun and energetic attitude that some people may call crazy 

Loreen is our vice chair. She is 20 years and from berlin. This year she started her first year at Radboud. In her free time, she loves to go out and eat well. The money that she does not spend on food she spends on traveling which she really likes to do alone and with friends. 

Femke is the secretary of the committee. She is 19 years old and in her second year of the bachelor. She loves festivals, wine and everything with black truffle on it. You can recognize her by her long legs. 

Meike is the treasurer of our committee and 18 years old. Her homeplace is all the way in Friesland and yes, she can speak Frisian! Meike loves to hang out with friends and family, workout and have some Netflix binge watching moments. Also, she LOVES to bake and cook. So, if you are nice, maybe she will bake you a special cake some time…! To end her introduction she just want to say one more thing: Fryslân boppe! 

Alisia is the promotion officer of the committee. She was born in Frankfort, is 19 years old and currently in her first year of Psychology. She enjoys going out with friends and loves dogs and summer. Additionally, people would describe her as clumsy and a bit chaotic, however she is a very positive person, so you can usually recognize her by the big smile on her face. 

Last but not least, Thimo. Thimo is 20 years old and in the first year of Psychology. He is the only male talent in the integration committee, so he still has a lot of responsibility, despite him being the only general member. Thimo loves drinking and going out clubbing with friends and working out with his roommates, or laying on the couch and watching Harry Potter with his friends. 


We’re looking forward to seeing you at our activities! 


With love,  

the Integration committee

Contact: integration@spin-nijmegen.com

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