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Initiative committee

Hey guys! 

We are the Initiative Committee this year, which means we’ll be proving you with good food through our theme days and wish you all good luck on your exams through our initiatives!! 

Hi! You have probably already met us on the first theme day. We are the ones who give out free food!

Let’s start with the chair(ry) to our cake: Myrthe. She always keeps a clear head while we are dreaming about all the food options.

Our rice…. Oh sorry, vice chair Emily backs up our cherry and surprises us again and again with her creative ideas.

Our secretary Naemi is needed to process all the information in the minutes. This leads to a well organized theme day.

Thimoty is our treasurer, he makes sure that we can buy as much food as possible with the money we have. Because, let’s be honest, food is even better than money!

Lisa is our promotion officer. She thinks about the promotion, so we can share all the delicious food with as many of you as possible.

General Member Kati helps everyone with their tasks and makes sure all the food is gone at the end of the day.

We hope to see you soon at our next theme day, or at one of our exam deals!


The initiative committee

Contact: initiative@spin-nijmegen.com