Illustration committee

Hey everyone, we are the Illustration committee of 2022/2023. Our goal is to create the most amazing posters for all the SPiN events and come up with the most creative ideas for your activities! So, feel free to reach out to us when you need a poster, we are there to help and make the most awesome posters for the most awesome SPiN events 😀

But who are we exactly?


Howdy y’all, my name is Julia, I’m 20 years old and the vice-chair of the Illustration committee. I am currently in my third year of the bachelor psychology and this is my second time as an active member since last year I was in the Orientation committee where I was the promotion officer. This year, I am using what I learned in that position to work on your promotion requests and make epic posters!

In my free time, I enjoy listening to and making music and play the electric guitar. Especially metal and rock music are what I am into. Next to that, I enjoy trying different sports at the sports centre, exploring foods and traveling the world. I will actually be going abroad for half a year to Bulgaria soon which means I will sadly miss all the awesome Lustrum activities, but I am looking forward to it nonetheless!

I am also always looking for creative outlets which is why I chose to be part of this amazing committee! Also, because it is super handy to work on posters from abroad but still be an active member!

Cheers and see you in the SPiN room!


Hey there I am Anouk! I’d like to think I am creative, but I don’t have any creative hobbies. So, this year I will try to prove my creativity in this committee. I will be making the posters for the Culture and Initiative committee so you be the judge of my creativity . I think making the posters will be lots of fun and extending my creativity beyond trying new and weird sports is going to be fun! A little about me: I am in my third year, play soccer and am in a student association. In my first year I was in the party and drinks committee and I am glad to be back as an active member again. Hope to see you soon! Big hug from me!


Heyy, everyone! My name is Julia, I’m 21 years old and the chair of the Illustration committee. Currently, I’m in my 3rd year of the bachelor psychology and in my 2nd year of being an active member of SPiN. Last year, I was the treasurer for the Initiative committee and helped organising the theme days and exam deals. This was a lot of fun because we could decide freely what we want to do. This year I thought I’d use another way to express my creativity: creating posters for you!
Usually, you can find me on campus studying and socialising (tbh, lately more socialising than studying) or in the club partying with my friends. Occasionally, I also enjoy calm days/ nights at home to watch Netflix, read a book, and dance through my room, or have game nights and dinner with friends.
I enjoy meeting new people and am looking forward to seeing you around!


Hello, I am Veronika, 22 and in my 3rd year of my bachelor. This is the first year being an active SPiN member. I enjoyed making social media posts and memes beforehand, now I challenge myself with this opportunity. In general, I enjoy cinema, theatre, poetry and history.


Hoihoi everyone! I’m Femie, 19 years old and the youngest of this super cozy group! I’m now in my second year and I’m really enjoying my studies (more the student life aspect instead of the studying itself… oops…). I also enjoy being creative (hence this committee), shopping (expensive hobby unfortunately), listening to music (Love Lost by Mac Miller is on repeat at the moment), watching films and series (at the moment it feels like I’m studying medicine with all the Greys Anatomy I’m watching), the podcast BROERS has a special place in my heart and first dates is a real guilty pleasure.

Kisses Fem <3 


Heyhey, I’m Jaldert, 21 years old, and although I’m already a board member this year, I also decided to become a member of the illustration committee because I want to make nice and creative posters (the ugliest posters are mine tho) and really just help in hyping up all the activities that we’re going to have this year. Regards!!!


Hello everyone! I am Laura, 22 years old and in my third year of the bachelor. Besides my studies you will mostly find me playing my piano, at the gym or just watching my favourite show “How I Met Your Mother” (re-watching it for the 7th time). This is my first year as an active member of SPiN. I am looking forward to a year of making fun posters. Regards!