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Illustration committee

Dear SPiN-members, committee members, board members and all readers,

We are the illustration committee of SPiN this year! The illustration committee means that you can come to us for all the creativity you need in your life. For (almost) every committee we will make a poster, flyer, banner or cover. Because we work a bit in the background (for members) but are very much in interaction with committee members, we will introduce ourselves briefly:

Chinouq: our chair. She is the oldest of our committee and therefore perhaps suitable as the mother of the group. She is certainly organized and structured, but her clumsiness will for certain not spoil the fun during meetings. Where she occasionally searches for the right English words as a true ‘Limburgs’ Dutch girl, the words roll out of her mouth in the pub after a few beers in the evening. Yes, she likes to go out with friends and with us of course. In addition, she will never hold back the jokes and always laugh at them just as hard as (maybe) you do.

Leonie: our vice-chair. She’s always in a good mood and likes to bring people together to discuss new ideas. When Poster requests become too demanding, she will be there to find some other activity to cheer everyone up after all the hard work is done. Furthermore, besides doing all of this, she also likes go out, dance the night away and be quite sportive the next morning. Besides, she is of course a good back-up for Chinouq.

Jana: our secretary. Not only does Chinouq enjoy going out with friends, Jana is also very happy to do this. Certainly if shots or wine are involved, Jana is immediately at the forefront. Besides that, she likes to be creative, but of course that can’t be otherwise at this committee (right?). In addition, you can always step by Jana’s place to eat very well, because she likes to cook, and she always cooks waaay too much…

Anna: our officer of the committee battle. SO fellow committee members, prepare yourselves, because Anna will ensure that we go home with those prizes. In addition, she is our only true sportive girl. In that way, she has the right dance moves, and she loves to show them at the concerts she often visits. However, every time she leaves, the rest of the committee is a little concerned about whether she finds the way back home. Because she may be organized, she often forgets the road and she can’t remember or find them without Google Maps. But ironically, she is aaaaaalways on time.

Lucca is the fifth of the bunch. Lucca is also very creative, which is of course very useful at our committee. For example, she is often busy writing, drawing or making music. If you now think that Lucca is a calm girl, you have to get to know her other side. Because after playing around with her piano or ukulele, she is giving a performance or taking part in a talent show… But then in her living room unfortunately…

Nina, the last one of our nice committee but certainly not the least. In our committee, the price of the most clumsy person really goes to our dear Nina. Falling down the stairs or bumping into walls is just a normal day for Nina. Even though she has been living in the same house for 15 years… But with this clumsiness she still likes to get on the slopes for snowboarding or skiing.

We hope that you have gotten to know us a little better and that you are also looking forward to a fantastic year at SPiN!

Lots of love,

Contact: illustration@spin-nijmegen.com