“How is it going with?” is a new concept for SPiN. With this concept we want to offer SPiN members more insight into the way things are going to be, after the bachelor of Psychology. With the column “How is it going with?” they will hopefully get a better picture of what you can do after your bachelor and how you can get there. Most students still only think of the clinical side when they start, but they have little or no idea of all the different areas inside and outside clinical psychology. In this column we aks former bachelor students about their job and how they got there, to make the gat between studying and the workfield smaller.

Carine Besselink – She started studying in 2001. During her studie she had health problems. But thanks to a social studie at the RU she now works at Patiëntfederatie Nederlands. She assists at Zorgpanel, Enquêtetool en Keuzehulpen. here, you can read her whole story!