On May the 13th 2019, a heidag of SPiN will take place at café Van Buren. You are cordially invited to attend. We start at 19:00. You also have the opportunity to eat with us in advance. Besides this, you’ll get a free drink on this evening!

What is a heidag?
A ‘heidag’ is the place to be where you can give your input about certain subjects the board wants everyones opinion on. Often the topics are cases on which the board has no clear answer to and wants to know as many opinions as possible from the members. A ‘heidag’ is the moment to have open-minded debates on various topics of which pieces have been written in which the board states her own vision. But also new topics can be discussed.
During a ‘heidag’ a subject will be introduced by the board and several aspects will be clarified that are an influence on the situation of that certain subject. After that, small groups will be formed where you have the opportunity to discuss the topic and to get an insight of other people’s visions. Later, when every subgroup has finished discussing this certain topic, the discussion will be taken to the whole group and everyone is free to give his/her own input. When all the topics have been discussed, there is always time to have a drink with the attendees to close the evening in an informal way.

The subjects
One of the subjects that will be discussed is concerning the magazine of the association, namely the HersenSPiNsels and its future. The other subject is the attendance of the parties SPiN is organizing. And the last subject that will be discussed is concering the trips. You can find a more detailed explanation and introdcution on the website from May 9. The board hopes to talk about these subjects in an open discussion to reach the best possible solution for these subjects.

If you have any questions about the heidag or want to report that you want to eat with us in advance, please send an email to info@spin-nijmegen.com.