Heidag: 29 June


Dear all,

The Heidag will not take place via Webex, as stated in the event, but via Discord.

We will start at exactly 7 o’clock, so make sure you’re on time. The ‘walk in’ will start at 18:50.

How do you join the Heidag?:

  1. You need the Discord app on your laptop and an account (for free!)
  2. Join SPiNs Discord if you haven’t yet
  3. Once you enter the discord you can join the ‘Main channel’ under the category ‘Heidag’. In this channel the board will explain the course of the evening.

Thank you all in advance for joining and we’ll see you tonight!

On Monday the 29th of June, a heidag of SPiN will take place. Hereby, we would like to invite you to attend this interactive evening to share your thoughts and ideas. The heidag will take place online via webex and we will start at 19:00. The link to join the heidag will be available in the event on the website.

What is a heidag?
A ‘heidag’ is an input session where certain subjects the board would like to know the members’ opinion on, will be discussed, with room for open-minded debates on various topics. The board will upload pieces on the website and in the SPiN-app, a week prior to the heidag, in which the subjects and the board’s vision(s) on these subjects are explained. Also, new topics can be discussed during the heidag.
During a ‘heidag’ a topic will be introduced and discussed in small groups to share your opinion and to get an insight on the vision of other people. Later, the discussion will be taken to the whole group and everyone is free to give his/her own input. When all the topics have been discussed, there will be time to have a drink together to close the evening in an informal way.

The subjects:
One of the subjects that will be discussed, concerns the following events: Insomnia, Psypop and the Study trip revelation drink. The board would like to talk about the future and form of these events. Another subject that will be discussed, is about the involvement of members and how to form SPiN during and after the corona crisis. Furthermore, the HersenSPiNsels and board recruitment will be discussed. The last subject concerns (the promotion of) the SPiN-application. You can find a more detailed explanation and an introduction about these subjects on the website and in the SPiN-app on the 22nd of June. The board hopes to talk about these subjects in an open discussion to reach the best possible solution for these subjects.

Please, feel free to join and share your opinion. Also, if you don’t have a (clear) opinion yet, it is still useful to join and be part of the discussion. If you have any questions about the heidag, please send an email to chair@spin-nijmegen.com.

We hope to see you there!

With love,

The board