GMA committee

GMA stands for General Members’ Assembly. This committee is in charge of leading the General Members’ Assembly, and is only accessible for Dutch-speaking members.

Hi guys! Our committee is small but nice. However, we have no idea whether we are small ourselves because we have never seen each other in real life. Anyways, we are Lieke and Flore and we are the dynamic duo responsible for leading and developing the General Members’ Assembly. That’s where the board does all these serious things and answers difficult questions. Lieke sometimes randomly turns on her microphone during the meeting because she hasn’t heard anything, or simply because she forgot to write down the number of votes in an important decision. Flore has to make sure that no awkward situations arise and that everyone gets their turn for his/her question or answer. This causes a bit of awkwardness sometimes because Flore’s microphone is always on. We help the board where we can and are therefore secretly kind of the largest committee. This is because there are always a lot of people present and if Lieke does not type or Flore does not speak the GMA would be a mess. We hope to see you but don’t ask too difficult questions during the GMA because sometimes we can’t handle it 😉 . Greetings and goodbye!

You can contact us at