Gala committee

Hey everyone,

We are a group of 5  spontaneous girls and will organize the gala for you this year. We are already busy with the preparations, so that we can give you an unforgettable evening. We will do everything this year to make it as good as possible to you. It would be super nice to see you all in your most beautiful outfit in de Waagh on the 4th of February! To get a better picture of who we are and what we do, we will briefly introduce ourselves: 

My name is Isa and I’m the treasurer of the Gala committee. When I’m not busy organizing things with the committee to make sure that your Gala is the best, I like to hang out with friends. This can be while partying, having some drinks in the city or watching a movie in our ugliest chilloutfits. But for the gala, I’ll trait my sweatpants and oversized sweater for a galadress in which I can dance all night long.  

My name is Michelle. I am the one keeping this bunch together. I am the one who makes the agenda so we know what to do every week. I have done the socialcie, exchange committee and the acquisition committee before and hope we can organize a fantastic gala for you all!  

I’m Pascale, I’m a freshmen psychology student and this is also the first year that I joined SPIN. I’m a member of the gala commission and I fulfil the role of secretary.  

My name is Anouk and I’m the promotion officer of the prom committee. I love dancing, which is something I do since I was little. I also like being with my friends in my free time. Further, as a real student, I of course like to go out. And last but not least, watching Netflix is a hobby of mine too.  

My name is Romee. I am the vice-chair of the gala committee and support Michelle with her tasks where possible. In daily life I like to hang out with friends, to party, and to work out. I think it is an honor to be able to organize the gala this year together with the rest of the committee and I hope that it will be a fantastic evening.  I’m excited!