Gala committee

Hello everyone! We are this year’s gala-committee and we will make sure to arrange a fabulous, fancy and sparkling gala. We will introduce ourselves as the Disney princesses in the picture, because like them we will also be wearing our prettiest dresses to the SPIN-prom.

Hii, my name is Roos! Like Cinderella I have to finish all of my tasks in time to not only attend the gala, but also to make sure the gala can go through. Together with my fellow committee members (the mice) we will make sure that this gala will be an unforgettable night. Hopefully the covid regulations will disappear in time so that when the clock strikes 12, we are still able to party all night!

Hii my name is Florence! Like Sleeping Beauty I wish I could sleep a thousand years (skip all of my boring lectures and exams 😉 because I get really, really tired of COVID. However, after Aurora’s sleepy lockdown she wakes up to a beautiful ball… Soo let’s hope after our lockdown we can also have an amazing ball: a gala! It also would be pretty cool if my dress could change colours like Aurora’s. But who knows… you shall have to see for yourselves!

Hee, I am Jindi. I would describe myself as a classic A-line dress, because they are very versatile just like me. Since I am up for anything that seems fun, from partying all night to hiking in the mountains. I would even be up to jump on a magic carpet, just like Jasmin, to fly to our amazing gala.

Hi, I am Bente! Like Belle, I really like to read books and would immediately live in that huge, beautiful library  I also escape life by reading about far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise! Another thing I have in common with Belle is that I don’t like to be told what to do… I can be quite stubborn. At the end of Belle’s movie, there is a ball… a GALA! Which brings us here… let’s dance in our own ballroom, shall we?

Hi I am Lea 🙂 About me: I have seven friends: Floor, Jindi, Suzanne, Bente, Roos, Spin and (hopefully) you! Fun fact I love apples, but I am pretty sure I am allergic to them. I should keep my hands of apples, just like Snow White!!! Another thing Snow White and I have in common is the love for spectacular events… in this sense: are you ready for the gala?

Hi, I am Suzanne, like Ariel, I am always up for an adventure and I am not too scared to loose my voice in the proces of an adventure. This year, organizing the gala with Bente, Roos, Lea Floor and Jindi is the adventure and I am pretty sure that I will loose my voice at the gala! However don’t worry, this is all part of the process



The Gala Committee