Financial Audit committee

Dear reader,

Usually the Financial Audit committee (KasCo) is a committee operating in the background and shadows of SPiN. As the committee who checks, controls and knows everything about the finances, we must operate in the dark because otherwise all you lovely SPiN-members can run off with SPiN’s bank account and cash boxes. Nevertheless are we really enthusiastic and present at SPiN’s common room. Even though are committee is the smallest (and is one of us probably actually the smallest of SPiN’s active members), we are not easily overlooked. We are Ellen van Duinhoven and Flore van Grunsven and both of us fulfilled a board function in the past. Ellen was the treasurer of the XIth board, Flore was the chair of the Xth board. If you wish to contact us, that’s not possible because we don’t have an e-mail, but you can easily find us at a random time on a random day at SPiN’s common room. Besides, we will also always try to be present during GMA’s (General Member Assemblies), not only to gain point for the committee battle, but also to help and support the current board with regards to finances. We look forward to beating you all the other active members during the committee battle and we will take care of supporting the financial part of SPiN so everyone can keep up enjoying everything SPiN has to offer, not only today and this year, but also in the future years!

Lots of love,
Ellen & Flore