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Excursion: Donders Institute

28/09/2021 -14:15:15:00

Dear SPiN members,
Tuesday the 28th of September we will have our very first ‘real life’ excursion during which will be welcomed at the Donders institute in Nijmegen. During our visit of this research centre we will be given a tour of the complex and we will see some exciting demonstrations of the EEG, MEG, MR and TMS.
The Donders Institute is a research centre that focusses on the understanding of human cognition and behaviour in health and disease. They do research within four domains, which are language and communication, perception, action and decision making, development and lifelong plasticity and last but not least natural computing and neurotechnology.
This means that there is something for everyone. With this excursion we will get an exclusive peek in the world of research and we will get to see which tools are available to do research with. We shall begin with a short introduction and afterwards we will be taken along on a tour of their research institute.
Are you considering a career in doing research? Or are you not quite sure what research exactly entails? Or do you just want to orient yourself of the options for what you can do after your bachelor psychology? Then this is truly something you will want to join.
We will gather at 14:15 in front of the Donders institute at the Heyendaalseweg 135 and we will begin at 14:30. We expect that the excursion will last about 1,5 hours. The tickets are free and are available via the link down below.
We are very excited and hope to see you all at the 28th of September,
The Workfield and Future Committee