Freshmen committee

Hi everyone, I’m Floor and I’m the chair of the freshmen committee. Like Doc, I try to lead the group a bit! Furthermore, Doc is known for often losing his train of thought, which I often suffer from with my chaotic behavior and enthusiasm!

Hi, I’m Dopey, but my real name is Maud and I’m the vice chair of the freshmen committee. Fortunately, unlike Dopey, I can talk and like to have a chat with people. A similarity I have with Dopey is that I like to relieve tension in a group, but luckily, we all get along well in our committee and I don’t have to use my Dopey superpowers!

Hey, my name is Romy and I´m the secretary of the freshmen committee. As one of Snow White’s dwarfs, I would be Sneezy. His sneezes are so strong that they can move objects and even people, therefore he warns his fellow dwarfs before they happen. I relate to him in a rather figurative way, since I like to make things happen and I love to bring people together. Further, I am a really caring person that watches out for the people around her. I feel like all these traits are of great benefit to my function in the committee.

Hi, I’m Naima J. I am 19 years old and currently in the first year of the Psychology program. I am a general member of the freshmen committee which is great because I always provide for a good mood. There‘s hardly a day I‘m not happy. Therefore, I am „Happy“ out of the 7 dwarves. Also, I love to go out, have fun and drinks with my friends in the city of Nijmegen 🙂

Heyyyo I’m Mats, 21 years old. As Bashfull I may seem a little shy at first, but as you get to know me a little better you will find out that I am far from shy. I hope to get to know many of you at SPiN in the coming years. I also really like parties and making the city unsafe with friends, and then of course looting the Febo.

Hey, I am Lara aka the Sleepy. I am 20 years old, just started the psychology program and I am the treasurer of the freshman committee. When I am not sleeping chances are good that you catch me outside with my friends and a camera in my hand. I really enjoy to go out, spend time in nature with my dog and to capture great moments on film.

Hello everyone, my name is Noor, I am 18 years old and I am the promotion officer of the freshmen committee. In general I am very cheerful and positive. Only when I miss my train in the morning is when I feel very grumpy like Grumpy J.



The Freshmen committee

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