Freshmen committee

Hi! We are the freshmen committee and we consist of a group of 6 freshmen. The name of the committee says it all, but this year we are organizing all activities especially for first-years to get to know each other better. For you guys to get to know us, we decided to introduce ourselves by comparing ourselves with the main characters of the “Friends” series.

Hi hi, I’m Anne the chair of this committee and I identify myself most with Phoebe Buffay (Pheebs). A quote I find fitting with her personality is: ‘what you see is what you get. Phoebe is a bit of a strange bird with regularly a moment with a smart comment. I am exactly the same way. This fits my function in this committee because sometimes it’s important to think out of the box and I can do that. I’ll always be there for everyone, just like Pheebs and besides organizing the activities it results in a lot of fun. As chair of this committee, I can use the occasionally smart comment and I hope to organize fun activities along with the rest!

Hi! My name is Sanne and I think that I can best be compared to Ross Geller. We are both very stubborn people and we like to be right. Still, we both have everyone’s best interests at heart and want to help wherever we can. As vice-chair of the committee, I am given every opportunity to do so. Fortunately, I am a little less socially awkward than Ross, which makes me feel completely at home in the Freshmen Committee!

Hi, I am Lana and the friends character I can relate to the most is Chandler.  I also like to joke around and have a lot of fun.  Just like Chandler, I also work with numbers, because I am the treasurer of this committee.  I hope to be able to organize many fun activities for all freshmen this year!

Hi! My name is Eva and I can best be compared to Monica Geller. I am very sporty, competitive and I always want to win. As a general member of this committee, I am “the glue that keeps everyone together”, like Monica is in the series. I also make sure that everything is well organized. I am really looking forward to organizing more activities for the freshmen this year!

Hey, how you doin? My name is Basma and I can best be compared to Joey Tribbiani. We share our love for food and we both especially love Pizza. In addition, we are always ready for friends and we are very social and loyal. Within the committee I fulfil the role of the promotion officer and being social can often come in handy here!

Hey, my name is Antonia. I’m the secretary of the freshman committee. I most likely have some things in common with Rachel Green from friends! We both are nuts about clothes! ;)Despite that, I’m really caring and goal-oriented which I can perfectly include within my secretary “job”! I’m therefore very curious to meet you guys! Even though we are experiencing a hard time we try our best to provide you with some cool opportunities to get to know your fellow students. Hopefully, see you soon!


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