Freshmen committee

Dear readers, 

We are SPiN’s second freshmen-committee and since you, as freshmen, will meet us throughout the year, we will introduce ourselves: 

Aniek is the most happy secretary we ever had. She is always in a good mood and laughs twice as often and twice as loud compared to everyone. If you compare your own smile to Aniek’s smile, you don’t smile. Aniek is the best Dunglish speaker we know.  

Nina, our Vice-Chair, has two main personality traits. She is always tired and always hungry. She is addicted to the Spar but has forbidden herself to buy anything there, because she is broke. She loves warm, cozy socks and of course.. Beer 

Leonie, our chair, is the most consistent member of our committee. She is always on time at our meetings except if she has drunk too much red wine. She is half-indonesian and the true mother of our committee. She makes sure the meetings are useful and cooks the most delicious meals.  

Tim, or is he called Jim? Or Tom? We still don’t know. The only thing we know about him is that he is the treasurer but he is not that accurate when he has to estimate something. He is always too early at our meetings and he is Gwen’s Best Frenemy Forever. 

Gwendolyn is our general member and we really appreciate her presence. She doesn’t have an official function but she is a great manager of our Snapchat account and a great speaker at our activities. She loves to roast the boys of our committee but she claims it’s not her fault: “It’s just about their personality”.  

Jan, also known as Pickle Rick, is our promotion officer. He likes beer, so he is German. He doesn’t speak dutch but he is desperate to learn it as fast as possible: “Zeg maar jij hoor” is his favorite sentence to say.  Jan is in an intense battle with Gwen which member of the committee shows up too late most often at our meetings.  

We hope you enjoyed our introduction and know us a bit better. If you want to know how we are doing during our first year, just look at the picture 🙂 

Much love, 

Freshmen Committee