Dies Celebration: Workshop Positive Psychology

SPiN is celebrating her birthday once again this year. In honor of the dies, there will be a workshop about positive psychology on the celebration date. Ellen Huijsmans from InMotie Psychologie will be there to guide you in this workshop. She graduated from Nijmegen in 2001, so she is excited to come back to talk about what she is doing now! Positive psychology is about the strengths people have and making sure we start to realize these to live a happy life. The activity will be very interactive to get a real taste of what positive psychology is about. Therefore, she has asked to fill out a quick survey which is about personal strengths (make sure to take your results with you to the workshop). You can find it here: https://www.viacharacter.org/survey/account/register

On 29th May the workshop will take place in SP.01.14 and it will start at 19:00. We’ll be there to receive you at 18:45. Ticket fees are 1 euro for SPiN members and 2 euros for non-members. Make sure you order them through eventix, you can find the link in this event!

After the workshop, there is another edition of Insomnia that has been organized in honor of the dies as well.
We hope to see a lot of you for this activity! After all, some positivity in our lives is never a bad thing!