Culture Committee

Heyo guys, I’m Julia, the chair of the committee and I’m in my third year. I think a city that describes me best is Dublin because it’s known for being welcoming and having a cracked humor, what I believe describes me pretty good. I’m always up for hanging out in a pub, making Dublin pretty ideal for me.

Heey everyone, my name is Jindi. I’m in my 3rd year of the bachelor and I am vice chair of the culture committee. I would see myself as the city Valencia, since it is very diverse and I am like that as well. I am in for most things that range from partying till the morning to spending time in nature, which you can all do in Valencia.

Hi my name is Luisa, I’m in my third year and the secretary of the culture committee. If I were a city, I would be Cologne because Cologne is known for being open-minded, friendly, and most importantly loves to party.

Hii, I’m Basma, I am in my 3rd year of the Bachelor. In the committee I have the role of the treasurer. I would describe myself as the city Sevilla. First of all, the city is very colorful and warm. This describes me well since I’m always cheerful and others feel comfortable around me. Besides that, the city has both Spanish and Arabic influences which creates a perfect blend of different cultures. Due to my Moroccan roots and Dutch nationality, I feel like this blend of cultures describes me as well.

Hii! I’m Anna, promotions officer of the committee and second year student. I think if I was a city, I’d be Marseille: it has a kinda messy but charming vibe, great food, and a diverse cultural atmosphere! It’s also by the sea and has a great music scene, both big pluses for me

Hii, I’m Femke, a general member of the committee and master student who still loves to join in at SPiN 🙂 I would describe myself as the city Berlin, as it is known for being lively and rich in creativity and culture. I am a big music lover, so going to a concert in Berlin is definitely on my bucket list!