Cocktail Workshop

🍸 Cultural cocktailworkshop 🍸

Have you seen all your vacation plans of summer 2020 go down in flames? This activity will allow you to travel the world without even leaving your bedroom! This activity consists of a workshop on how to make 3 cocktails from 3 different cultures: a Japanese sake cocktail 🇯🇵, an American cosmopolitan 🇱🇷 and a French martini 🇫🇷. In between workshops we will provide other fun activities to break the ice with fellow participants!

Some practical information: we will arrange packages with the ingredients for the cocktails. When you sign up we will send you the adres of where to pick it up.
Date: 10th of may
Time: 20:00
Prize members: 8 euros
Prize non-members: 9 euros
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