City Trip: Prague

Whether you’re single or not; does it sound fun to go on a city trip with SPiN on Valentine’s Day? Did you always want to join one of the city trips but were you not so keen on the long bus journey? This year there are no busses for this awesome trip, we will be taking a plane to Prague!

Prague has super cheap beer, which is great for the parties, but there are also many astonishing buildings, such as the Prague castle and the astronomical clock. These sights are awaiting you, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this, would you? You will be able to join us to this wonderful city from 14-17th of February for just 180 euros (195 for non-members). We are flying on Thursday 14th February at 18.45h from Schiphol, and will arrive back in the Netherlands on Sunday 17th February in the evening.

Starting on the 8th of January you can sign-up for the trip in SPiN’s common room and among all registrations we will raffle something fun, so be quick and join us on the trip to Czech Republic!

Entrance: 180 euros for members, 195 euros for non-members
Date: February 14 to 17 2019
Registrations start on 8th of January at SPiN’s common room!

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