City Trip Committee

Hi everyone!

Hiii, my name is Nine and I’m the chair of this year’s City Trip Committee! The country which I would really like to visit right know is France. Next year I would like to learn to speak french fluently in France or another french speaking country. Moreover, Vietnam is high on my list with places I would like to visit and of course, Budapest can’t be missed too ;). I’m really looking forward to the upcoming city trip and the rest of this committee year and we hope to make your time in Budapest unforgettable!

Haihaii, my name is Cis and I’m the City Trip’s treasurer. I am crazy about travelling and in the picture I have chosen for Japan. The summer of 2020 I was supposed to go there, but due to covid it was cancelled. This is the reason I would very much like to visit that country right now. Even though it was hard to travel these past two years, I was able to tick off 50 countries before my 18th birthday. I hope the person reading this goes with us on the coming City Trip and can tick off their own next country!!

Heyy, I’m Isis and i am the promotion officer of this years city trip committee. i really really enjoy to travel and go on adventures. if i could choose to go anywhere right now, i would go to iceland, because of its beautiful untouched nature, far far away from humanity, but first, we’re taking you to budapest. i am very excited to share this adventure to budapest with you, and hope to see you soon!

Aloha, I’m Fu Sha and I’m the vice-chair of the city trip committee this year. I am now in my second year of the study Psychology and next to my study I enjoy meeting with friends, to paint and I like cooking together. I also love to dance so you can often find me at DanceFever and the dance workouts of the RSC. But as the name of the committee suggests, I also really enjoy traveling. This way I can see new things and learn more about the different traditions and customs of a country. I would like to visit Hawaii one day. Besides the fact that the country has many different Hawaiian habits, the nature is also very beautiful there!

 Hey!!! My name is Marjolein and I am 18 years old. In my leisure time I enjoy spending time with friends and of course I love to travel a lot!!! Last year I planned to go to South Africa with school to support three local charities and also to explore the beautiful country by going on safari and surfing. Unfortunately, due to corona this could not be realized, but this trip to South Africa is still high up on my bucket list. Hopefully, our City Trip won’t be canceled and I’ll see you there!!!!

Hi, I’m Megtelt and during a trip I always want to see and do as much as possible. I like to find out what there is to do and I like to know what has happened in a place, so I like to go on an adventure. During a holiday, my environment sometimes has to slow me down, because sometimes I want to do too much in too little time. I mainly enjoy doing city trips or going into nature. I would prefer to visit cities in southern Europe or to Scandinavia next summer

G’day mate, my name is Danique and this year I am a general member of the city trip committee. I am now in my second year of study and besides that I also really enjoy practicing sports and socializing with friends. But what I like the most in the whole world is travelling, what a surprise. I really enjoy actively exploring a country and getting to know new cultures. A country that I would still like to go to is Australia, I think it would be great to backpack there or to live the van life . I do like a bit of adventure and sports and would like to learn to surf better there and do more outdoor activities in the beautiful nature. In addition, I also think it would be amazing to join the chill but very friendly culture.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!