City Trip Committee

Hi everyone!

We are the city trip committee and we are going to organise 2 fun trip for everyone. To stay within our theme of the committee we decided to all pick a city that we identify ourselves with. We are Anais, Anne, Judith, Marjolein and Flore. 

My name is Anais Elzinga, 22, in my fourth year and I am the chair this year. I am the city of Los Angeles, USA. I love warm weather, the beach (Malibu beach is to die for) en enjoy speaking English as I lived abroad most of my life. I also spend a lot of time watching series and movies, so it’s great having Hollywood around. Finally I am also just a little bit basic, the perfect Cali-girl with my Starbucks and using the word ‘like’ multiple times in the same sentence.  

My name is Anne Rexwinkel, 19, second year student, and I am the treasurer. Rome is in the bella Italia. I love Italian food and lasagne is the favourite. It is also often nice weather which I am a big fan of. For the soccer-fans among us, AS Roma and SS Lazio are also found in Rome. I love to play sports and especially soccer. I also am a festival-girl, however that’s the only thing Rome doesn’t have for me; festivals in my genre.  

My name is Judith Griffioen, 21, I am in my second year and I am the vice-chair. I am the city Brisbane in Australia. I adore warm weather to bake in the sun. Luckily there is no winter here, so that is even better! I also really enjoy the Australian accent, especially when someone says ‘hey mate’ to you. I love to surf and travel, which Australia is well known for as there are many gorgeous places. You might even see some kangaroos and koalas along the way, which probably is the best thing about Australia.  

Hiiii name is Marjolein Poppe, I am in my first year, 20 years old and I am the secretary of the committee. I can identify most with Paris, because it is such a versatile city. Paris is known for its culture, architecture and great food. I myself love history en culture, so the different churches and museums can surely expect a visit from me 🙂 I love good food and I mostly enjoy going out for dinner or grabbing a drink at a terrace. There is also a lot of street-theater, where you come across a whole array of people. In general there is a lot of diversity in busy Paris and as a future psychologists this is of course very interesting to look at ;).

My name is Flore van Grunsven, I am in my fourth year and am 21 years young, and I represent the city Aarhus in Denmark. It is a relatively smal city, but I myself am also not that tall so that suits each other well. In this city design, architecture, history and fashion are central, which are subjects that fascinate me. It is a less well-known location, which makes it even more special to walk around here in the haven, the museums and the many small cafe’s with good coffee and food.