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Charity committee

Dear SPiN members,

First to introduce ourselves, we are Nina, Milou, Frieda, Anne-Fleur and Annika, we all are third years students and together we are the charity committee.

First we have Nina, our chair. Without Nina our meetings would be a lot of chitchat, but luckily we have Nina to make sure we actually discuss the relevant topics in our meetings.

The one who makes sure everything said is being typed out, in other words, our secretary is Milou. Because of her we always can afterwards read back what was being said during our meetings.

Frieda is the one who keeps an eye on our treasure chest, and especially what comes in this treasure chest. This year we want to raise as much money as possible for War Child. War Child is an organisation who tries to make an safe an environment for children in war zones.

Anne-Fleur is our promotion officer, and she makes sure that there are actually people coming to our activities, because without people no money for our charity.

And finally we have Annika, she is the most all round member of our committee. Everytime someone needs help with something, Annika is there to help.

We hope to see many of you at our activities, till then!


The charity committee


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