Burrito & Drinks Night

Hey B2 students!

SPiN is organising an activity exclusively for the upcoming second year students! Since you missed out on a lot the past year, we are organising a burrito & drinks night for you 🥳 This is the opportunity to finally meet your fellow students you used to see on zoom. Behind a screen. Alone… Also your general knowledge will be put to the test with a legendary Pubquiz. You can win a game of Mysticgolf at Laserquest!

You can sign up via the Eventix. Ticket sales will run from Friday 20th up untill the 30th of August. The ticket price includes the burrito you choose and 2 drinks (on us 😉).
There are limited spots, so be on time! Ask those people you always talked to in the breakout room, or other students with whom you just want to meet up after summer!

Practical info:
– Location: Bar Ruygh | Koningsstraat 9 Nijmegen- Starting time: 18:00 (be on time, otherwise your burrito will get cold!)
– Price: €4,50 for a burrito or a gyros meal (including the vegetables of the day, rice and baked potatoes).
– €5,00 for a gyros and a chicken skewer meal (incl. Vegetables of the day, rice and baked potatoes).
– Do you have any allergies? Please contact external@spin-nijmegen.com do we can look for a solution together.
– We would like to ask you to do a COVID-19 self-test beforehand. You can order those for free via uni: https://www.zelftestonderwijs.nl/
– Tested positive or do you have any symptoms regarding COVID-19? Call GGD 0800-1202